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Coatings that protect & beautify Singapore

Multinational companies like Akzo Nobel, Sherwin-Williams, PPG and many more see Singapore as one of their largest markets. Everywhere you look in Singapore, there is coating. Manufacturers are concentrated in Tuas and Toa Payoh, see our list of companies.

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From fire resistant coating for steel and concrete structures to non skid paint to ensure the safety of walk ways and at home. The harbor of Tuas is primarily built with steel where corrosion can be an issue, in this case corrosion resistant coating is an ideal solution.

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The world of coatings is huge and growing each day with new innovations, products and trends. Are you a coating manufacturer, service company or looking for a specific coating or coating service? Feel free to contact us for all your coating questions. Also, let us know if there is a coating of trend that we did not write about on!

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What is coating?

Coating is a layer or covering that can be applied to a surface of an object. Coating is commonly used for decorative, functional or both purposes and can be applied as liquids, gases or solids.

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Coating applications

Coatings can be applied on many types of surfaces. For instance; steel, metal, wood or concrete. For each type of surface a different coating is recommended. Feel free to contact us for free expert advice!

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