Anti mould paint Singapore

anti mould paint

The benefits of anti mould paint

Mould resistant paint, also know as anti fungal paint or anti mould paint Singapore is an antimicrobial coating system which prevents fungi such as mould and mildew from growing on the surface.

Mould is the worst nightmare of any property owner in humid Singapore; it namely looks ugly, reduces the value of the property and is a serious risk for health. Mould appears especially in the cold, poorly ventilated and humid areas of houses. Therefore, for example bathrooms and basements are at risk of mould attacks. However, mould can occur elsewhere inside and outside houses especially on ceilings and walls. Usually mould stains are a sign of a more serious damp problem; they can for example result from a leak on the roof or rising damp.

Application surfaces

Humidity causes mould and mildew and therefore they most often occur in areas at risk of damp. In homes these areas include for example bathrooms and showers, kitchens and basements which may be subject to rising damp.

Damp and mould are also problems of commercial and public buildings, which regularly go through a mould inspection. Preventing mould is crucial especially due to the health hazards it causes. Therefore, especially the humid and cold areas should be protected from mould attacks. These areas include basements and garages, changing rooms and showers as well as kitchens. Anti mould paint is suitable for all the aforementioned areas, however, it is important to select the right type of coating for the specific substrate.

anti mould paint Singapore

Mould resistant paint for bathrooms

Bathrooms are ideal substrates for mould growth,  In bathrooms sealants are often used for waterproofing the walls where tiles are used. These sealants sometimes also have anti fungal properties. However, if you have painted wall surfaces in your bathroom, a mold resistant paint system is advisable. The anti fungal paint is applicable

  • On painted surfaces which have previously suffered from mould or mildew
  • As wall or ceiling paint on new substrates (for protection)

Note that most of the anti fungal systems are topcoats and should not be over-coated!

Anti mould paints are usually white, but tinting them to colours is possible. Tinting is often a wiser option than over coating the substrate with a regular emulsion paint. Applying another coating on the mould resistant paint may reduce the effectivity.

Stop mould in your house!

anti mould paint Singapore

  1. Ventilate the house
  2. Remove the mould for example with vinegar, bleach or borax (whatever you do, do it well)
  3. Dehumidifier
  4. Replace fabrics such as carpets and curtains
  5. Seal the surface
  6. Coat with mould resistant paint

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  1. Kathleen Lee
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    How much will it cost to paint 2 toilets, 1 kitchen, 2 bedroom and 1 living room. Only the ceilings as my current condition seems to have some mould

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      Dear Ms. Lee,

      Thank you for your request regarding anti mould paint for toilet-, kitchen-, bedroom- and living room use. We will contact your about your question via E-mail.

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