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Coating consultancy Singapore

Coating consultancy for successful projects Navigating the ocean of available coatings and finding the right product for a specific project is not as straightforward as one might think. It certainly is not simply a matter of choosing a paint and slapping it on. There are many factors to consider: a coating needs to be chosen […]

Concrete Paint Singapore

Protect concrete from the elements with an appropriate concrete paint Concrete has been used in construction literally, for millennia. It is the reason for the survival of so many historical monuments which use concrete in their construction. However, unprotected concrete will deteriorate when exposed to aggressive environments, like industrial areas, coastal areas, or areas with extreme […]

Indestructible paint Singapore

Indestructible paint from heavy duty protection to an unbreakable watermelon What do the Pentagon, truck bedliners, oil platforms in the Indian Ocean, and bulletproof vests have in common? The answer is indestructible paint. Indestructible coating came to fame as a viral sensation when a group of Australians coated a watermelon with it and dropped it […]

Anti Reflective coating & Anti Glare Coating Singapore

Anti reflective and anti glare coating – No more annoying reflections and glare! Glass is everywhere in our daily lives. From the displays and touchscreens we use to the windows that protect us from the elements in our homes and vehicles, we look at or through glass all day long. And for those who wear […]

Water Resistant Paint & Coating Singapore

Water resistant paint for improving products and processes Water resistance is a characteristic expected of many consumer goods, from electronics to shoes and fabrics. It is also required from industrial machinery; for it prevents water from entering the structures and causing short circuits. A water resistant paint is the most often used solution for improving or […]

Coating Inspection and Inspectors Singapore

Prevent badly executed coating – carry out a coating inspection Problems can arise during the pre-treatment, application, and curing phases of a coating job in Singapore. Coating jobs that at first seem perfect can begin to fail. There are so many variables in any coating application, from the environment to the material itself, that getting […]

Chemical resistant paint Singapore

Outstanding substrate protection with chemical resistant paint Nearly all coatings will be exposed to chemicals at some point of their lifecycle, whether cleaning products, spills, or fumes. However most of these are mild, and the coating does not require a special acid or chemical proof formulation. Chemical resistant paint is designed to provide protection from […]

Swimming pool paint Singapore

Clean, durable and safe pools with swimming pool paint In Singapore there are more than 20 public swimming pools, numerous commercial pools in hotels and spas as well as private residential pools which all must be safe and remain clean at all times. An appropriate application of swimming pool paint is a convenient solution for […]


Marine paint Singapore

Marine paint improves performance and increases safety The term “marine paint” covers a class of coatings all intended for use in the marine segment. These coatings include antifouling paints, deck paints, anti slip paints, bilge paint, boot-topping paints, and protective paints for structures in marine environments. Just as there are different types of marine paint, […]

Liquid Rubber Coating Singapore

Liquid rubber coating for waterproofing and protecting a wide range of substrates Liquid rubber coating has been on the market for years now, but recent technological developments have both expanded and improved the range of rubber coatings available. While traditionally liquid rubber has been applied as a waterproof roofing solution, there are now products which […]

Powder coat Prices Singapore

What to expect from powder coat prices in Singapore So you are looking for powder coat prices. Whether you need commercial-scale application, want your rims or wheels powder coated, or are looking to apply it yourself, this is the place to be. In this article we provide you with an overview of powder coat prices for […]

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Powder coating Singapore

A quick guide to powder coating Powder coating has grown into a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. It is a part of our lives every day, coating everything from household items and bicycles to heavy duty machinery. Its popularity comes down to two things: protection and style. As a coating method it is flexible, durable, highly protective, […]


Non skid paint Singapore

Increasing safety with non skid paint Singapore The main purpose of non skid paint Singapore is to make usually slippery surfaces anti-slip by creating a rougher surface with more grip. Non skid paint is a major factor in reducing accidents and injuries on work floors and public buildings. The paint is also a considerable option […]


Tank coating and lining Singapore

Choose the right tank coating and tank lining to save time and money Protection-wise, tanks present a series of issues. Not only does their exterior need to be protected from the environment with tank coating, but their interior needs protection too – both from and for the cargo or substance being stored with tank lining. These substances can be anything from petrochemical […]


Nano coating Singapore

Make use of the many benefits of nano coating From food processing to the automotive industry and from clothing industry to interior design: nano coatings are useful in almost every branch. Not only does nano coating seal car paint but also makes skyscraper windows self-cleaning. This article will provide you with deeper insights into the […]


Intumescent paint Singapore

A paint that swells in high temperatures Intumescent paint is a form of fire resistant coatings. It contributes to passive fire fighting by preventing surfaces from catching fire and slowing down the burning process. Intumescent paint swells in high temperatures, for example in case of fire. Its volume increases and density decreases forming a foam-like […]

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Fire retardant paint Singapore

Make almost any surface resistant to fire Fire retardant paint Singapore is a type of safety coating which makes the surface somewhat immune to fire. The paint does not make the surface 100% fireproof but prevents it from catching fire and slows down the burning process. This phenomena is possible through the special properties of […]


Epoxy flooring Singapore

Epoxy flooring Singapore; a solid investment If you are looking for a floor solution that lasts long in almost any environment, is easy to clean and applicable on concrete floors; epoxy flooring singapore is what you are looking for! This flooring system is suitable for industrial heavy duty areas, commercial buildings and even for residential […]


Epoxy coating Singapore

Flexible and durable epoxy coating Epoxy paint Singapore is a collective name for all coatings based on Epoxy resin. Epoxy is one of the most used resins in two component paints, next to Polyurethane. When mixing the Epoxy resin with a curing agent it starts a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction is also called “crosslinking”. When […]


Sustainable coatings Singapore

Sustainability and Coatings Sustainability in general refers to planet, people and profit. This means, thus, that sustainable products are eco-friendly, durable and its production takes place under fair employment conditions. In case of sustainable coatings these three aspects are also present. The coatings industry worldwide has been addressing the three pillars of sustainability and use of sustainable […]