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A Guide to Painting Supplies

Find what you need in our painting supplies guide Painting supplies are a necessary part of any painting project. Whether you have just moved into a new house and can’t wait to get started making it a home, or maybe you’ve been saying “we’ll get that done this weekend” for the past decade – everyone […]

Milk Paint Singapore

No hidden nasties with 100% natural milk paint Milk paint is the 100% natural cousin to chalk paint that is muscling in on the furniture painting scene. Technically not at all new, the process behind milk paint has been used for thousands of years. Nowadays it is the richly pigmented competitor currently taking over for […]

How to Remove Antifouling Paint

Removing antifouling doesn’t need to be terrible with these tips There is no getting round it; removing antifouling is hard, dirty work. But when you pull your boat out of the water to find the antifouling with excessive layer buildup, cratering, peeling, flaking, or blisters appearing across the hull, you can’t put it off any […]

How to remove powder coating Singapore

The steps to remove powder coating There are many reasons to remove powder coating. It might be due to a coating failure, the need to update and refinish, or cleaning racks and hangers after a successful coating, but sometimes you need to strip a coating. Though its durability is one of its greatest strengths, it […]

Consumer Electronics Coatings Singapore

Consumer electronics coatings give a product star quality Consumer choices are no longer determined by the products available at their local store. The Internet provides a world of products and comparisons at our fingertips, so it is no surprise that what consumers expect is quality. These high standards mean products need to be on trend, […]

Painting a room for beginners

Painting a room professionally – for beginners There’s a reason we put off room painting for months and even years. Though picking out the best room colour and arguing about whether or not to have a feature wall may fill us with joy, the actual act of painting a room is faced with far less […]

Smartphone Coatings Singapore

A look at the design and colour trends in smartphone coatings The world of consumer electronics is dynamic and ever-changing. With device lifecycles growing shorter, new technologies changing the game every ten minutes, and design trends quickly approaching fashion-world seasonal flux, standing still will quickly have you left behind. All of this is particularly true […]

5 of the Best Interior Paint Brands Singapore

Get the best interior paint brand for your home One of the biggest choices – and commitments – you make when you buy or redecorate is the interior paint. Choosing the best interior paint is the fastest way to get the feel and style you want in a space. Whether you want to follow current […]

Paint remover for metal

Paint remover for metal: what removes paint from metal Whether you want to respray or repaint your metal furniture, renew defective coating from motorcycle and bike parts, recoat a tank, or remove graffiti stains, the first step of stripping paint off metal surfaces is to find and use the best paint remover for metal – […]

Chalk Paint for Furniture

Bring old furniture back to life with chalk paint Do you hate that old dresser with the scratches and dings? Or maybe that dated coffee table no longer works with your scheme, or the stains on the sideboard get you down. If you look at a tired bit of furniture and ache to replace it […]

Clear Epoxy Resin – Epoxy Casting Resin Singapore

Use clear epoxy resin to cast jewelry, seal table tops, and make art Clear epoxy resin is the craft tool of the moment. It can be adapted to so many projects, and used in so many different and exciting ways that it seems almost everyone has a clear epoxy resin casting idea in mind. Resin […]

Commercial Antifouling Hull Coatings Singapore

Improve global logistics with commercial antifouling hull coatings We live in an age of shipping. 80% of global trade by volume, and over 70% by value, is carried out by sea, carried through trade routes and handled through ports across the world. The global marine fleet with all its passenger ships, ro-ro vessels, fishing vessels, […]

Foul Release Coatings Singapore

Foul release coatings – biocide-free, fuel efficient, and slime release Biofouling is a serious issue that has afflicted vessels for as long as humanity has taken to the sea. The ancient Greeks are known to have used tar, wax and even lead sheathing to protect their ship bottoms, and, starting in the 1700s, the British […]

Corrosion Under Insulation Coatings Singapore

Keep corrosion under insulation at bay with CUI coatings Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is the insidious problem causing billions of pounds of damage and loss every single year. It is of grave concern to facility owners, plant operators, engineers, and workers across industry, from oil and gas to chemical and other process industries. It is […]

Cementitious Waterproofing Singapore

Cementitious waterproofing  – powerful protection against water, salt, and corrosion Concrete is a durable and strong construction material that is relied upon for buildings, bridges, tanks, dams, pools, pipes, and drains, just to name a few. However, concrete is porous and permeable; water and water vapour can penetrate concrete and cause deterioration and damage, especially […]

Buy Powder Coating Powders Singapore

A complete powder coating powder guide Singapore Powder coating is not just the coating used to hot-up vehicles. It is a highly protective coating method that is used to protect substrates from corrosion, chemicals, weather, and physical damage while providing an attractive drip-and-sag-free finish. Powder coating is also a cost effective coating option as it […]

Plasma coating

Plasma coating – a flexible coating method Plasma coating is a term that refers to several coating applications which use plasma in the process. Plasma is the fourth state of matter and resembles gas the most: it is an ionized gas which consists of ions and free electrons  resulting in no overall electric charge in […]


Intumescent paint Singapore

Secure your building’s fire resistance with intumescent paint Materials such as wood and steel are used in building constructions due to their strength. However, they both have a pitfall: poor fire resistance. If steel structures become exposed to high heat (above 300°C)  like in case of a fire, they start losing their load bearing capacity. […]

Titanium Nitride Coating Singapore

Ceramic Titanium Nitride Coating takes tools and equipment to the next level The golden-looking layer of coating on drill bits, medical equipment and suspension forks of motorcycles results from a protective titanium nitride coating, also known as TiN coating. It is a hard ceramic material which is applied in physical vapour deposition, making it a […]

Fire rated paint for steel

Why you should get fireproof paint for steel structures Strength in bearing heavy loads is one of the main reasons we use steel in building construction. Steel is a tough and strong construction material, used in buildings such as skyscrapers across Singapore. However, this strength is challenged by the severe heat of a fire. In […]

Ceramic Pro Singapore

Ceramic Pro – the most popular car paint protection coating in Singapore The most recent car owners’ hype are paint protection coatings which beat the quarterly waxing and annual hard waxing by being permanent, low maintenance solutions. The most popular of these coating systems in Singapore is Ceramic Pro, which is a step ahead in […]

Thermal insulation coating Singapore

Towards reduced energy costs & greener future with thermal insulation coating Production plants, HDB flats, pipelines and offshore structures all need to deal with high temperatures either from an internal or an external source. Common issues caused by heat gain or loss of a surface include condensation, corrosion under insulation (CUI) and increased energy consumption. A […]

Floor coating Singapore

Choose the right floor coating for the best protection Floor coating serves as thin protective layers on existing floors and as thicker complete flooring systems. A thin layer floor paint is usually not thicker than a millimetre, but the complete floor coating systems may reach up to one centimetre in thickness. The most common concrete […]

Titanium Dioxide Coating Singapore

Titanium dioxide coating: the wonder ingredient A paint or coating is essentially the combination of two elements: a binder (or resin) and a pigment. Titanium dioxide accounts for 70% of the total production volume of pigments worldwide – it is also known as “titanium white”, the pigment responsible for the white colouring in paint, toothpaste, […]

The Top Paint Colour Trends for 2018 Singapore

The decorative paint colour trends for 2018 are ‘bold’ It is coming up to the end of the year, and the big coating and paint companies have started announcing their “Colour of the Year 2018” picks. From the looks of the field so far, the trend for 2018 is ‘colour’. Bright bold shades dominate the […]

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Anti slip coating Singapore

Anti slip coating & other types of anti skid floor treatment prevent accidents Slips and trips are a serious problem, both at home and in the workplace. In Singapore, slips and trips account for the most workplace injuries, and most of the general injuries involve slips. If you are an employer, you have duty of care […]

Automotive paint | Car Paint Singapore

Automotive paint from exterior to interior and everything in between The automotive paint industry covers much more than which colour to paint your car. Every surface in a vehicle from the bodywork and under body to the exhaust and even the glass surfaces needs a specialised coating to last and perform optimally. The automotive paint market […]

Fire proof paint Singapore

The basics of Fire Proof Paint In Singapore building owners and the building industry have to follow strict building regulations and provide safe and effective means of escape. Fire proof coating systems have proved to be real game changers in this area. In Singapore the general rule is: the higher the building, the longer the material […]

Aerospace coating Singapore

Aerospace coatings protect and decorate even in harsh conditions The aerospace sector is one of the most demanding sectors for coatings and materials. Aerospace coatings need to provide protection from corrosion, abrasion, weather, UV radiation, erosion, temperature variations, and more in the most extreme conditions. The aerospace industry can be divided into space, commercial aviation, military and […]

Kashima coating Singapore

Introducing kashima coating Mountain bike and motorcycle lovers are always looking for the best coating for their bikes. An ideal coating not only absorbs shocks but also withstands high pressure. They found the solution in the unique Kashima coating Singapore which offers extended durability in extreme weather conditions and never exfoliates. Kashima coating is a Japanese […]


Epoxy paint & coating Singapore

Epoxy paint – the #1 of industrial protective coatings An epoxy coating is a thermosetting polymer which uses an epoxy resin as its binder. Epoxy coatings usually come in two components which are combined and mixed prior to application. The epoxy resin component when combined with a curing agent or hardener begins the cross-linking process. This […]

Optical coatings Singapore

Why optical coatings are useful Optical coatings Singapore are those applied on optical components such as mirrors and lenses to alter the way in which the optic reflects and transmits light. An optical coating layer is usually very thin and invisible. Moreover, optical coatings can change the way the surface reacts on water. For example […]

Hydrophilic coating Singapore

The water loving solution: hydrophilic coating Hydrophilic coating Singapore exhibits water-loving characteristics. Chemically, this means they participate in dynamic hydrogen bonding with surrounding water. This coating is developed to absorb water, saline solutions and bodily fluids, and to provide a low friction surface when hydrated. It is therefor one of the most important coatings for […]

Metal coating Singapore

Metal coating for many purposes Metal is one of the most common materials in many industries such as construction, automotive, ship building, aerospace and electronics. Despite metal’s many beneficial properties, it is often necessary to improve them and protect the metal surfaces. Here metal coating Singapore has an important role. The coatings protect metal and […]

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Powder coating Singapore

A quick guide to powder coating in Singapore Powder coating has grown into a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. It is a part of our lives every day, coating everything from household items and bicycles to heavy duty machinery. Its popularity comes down to two things: protection and style. As a coating method it is flexible, durable, […]


Ceramic coating Singapore

Ultimate shine and protection with ceramic coating for cars Keeping a car looking shop-new can be expensive, and end up feeling like hard work. All that washing, waxing, and love feels futile when a bird finds its target only minutes after you are done. And it isn’t just the birds; UV radiation, chips, stains, dirt, […]

Anti mould paint Singapore

Less long term maintenance and cleaner interior air with anti mould paint Fungi such as mould is a well known blight here in Singapore, not the least due to our humid climate. Mould and mildew can form an unwanted sight on walls, floors and ceilings; they decrease the appearance and the value of the property […]

High temperature paint Singapore

Heat resistant paint Singapore – protect your assets from heat When a substrate is subject to heat and rapid temperature fluctuations, it can lead to surface breakage and corrosion. Electrical and engine components, chimneys and ovens, pipework and chemical plants, all these are exposed to possibly damaging temperatures and conditions. A high temperature paint (or […]

PVD coating Singapore

PVD coating – high performance thin film solution for precision tools & more PVD refers to Physical Vapour Deposition which is a coating method that makes use of gaseous coating matter which evaporates under physical deposition and condenses on the substrate where it settles to form a solid, very thin coating layer. The thickness of […]

Powder Coating Prices Singapore

What to expect from powder coating prices in Singapore So you are looking for powder coating prices. Whether you need commercial-scale application, want your rims or wheels powder coated, or are looking to apply it yourself, this is the place to be. In this article we provide you with an overview of powder coating prices for […]

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Epoxy flooring Singapore

Epoxy flooring is a solid investment for homes and heavy duty in Singapore Epoxy resin is one of the most hard wearing and resistant ingredients used in flooring systems. An epoxy flooring results from a two component coating system which consists of the resin and a curing agent. Epoxy flooring is the solution used in […]

Nano Coating Singapore Buyer’s Guide

Make use of the many benefits of nano coating From food processing to the automotive industry and from clothing industry to interior design: nano coatings are useful in almost every branch. Not only does nano coating seal car paint but also makes skyscraper windows self-cleaning. This article will provide you with deeper insights into the […]


Where to Buy Resin in Singapore

What to keep in mind when you buy resin in Singapore Resin is a key component of a coating. At its most basic a coating combines a pigment (the solid component which gives a paint its colour or other properties) and a vehicle (the binder or resin and a solvent if needed). The job of […]

Teflon coating Singapore

Teflon coating – the non-stick for a wide range of substrates Teflon™ is a registered trademark of Chemours ( DuPont) for a range of fluoropolymer coatings for consumers and industrial applications. In Singapore the teflon coating products are mostly known for their low coefficient of friction which creates a non stick surface for example on cookware and vehicles. […]


Fire retardant paint Singapore

Passive fire protection with fire retardant paint Each year in Singapore there are almost 5000 structural fires, causing civilian injuries and hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. In 2016, a structure fire was reported to the Singapore Civil Defence Force 4114 times. Fortunately, the active fire protection can be supported by passive fire […]

Packaging Coating Singapore

Packaging coating creates a protective layer in and on containers The packaging that protects and stores our food, beverages, perishables, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, chemical products, etc. does not do so alone. Packaging coating is used to protect and enhance the interior and exterior of containers, packaging, lids, metal, plastic, board, paper, and more, in order to best […]


Roof coating Singapore

Roof coating for roof waterproofing and leakage repair A roof is one of the most important parts of a building. It protects the interior from the seasons, wind, sun, and rain. In Singapore it is crucial that the roof is a  solid waterproof and UV resistant barrier between the building and the elements, and a roofing […]


Wood coating Singapore

Choose the right wood coating to extend the life of your surface Wood is a wonderful, versatile building material that has been used for thousands of years to construct everything from walls and floors of the family home to the furniture and cabinetry that fill it – also in Singapore. In order to keep wood […]

Wind turbine coating Singapore

Wind turbine coating protects the valuable assets Singapore is a country globally known for its commitment to greener future; also in terms of energy generation. Wind energy is not yet widely relied on, but the start has been made. In 2017 the country’s first long span wind turbine was installed in Semakau Landfill; at its […]

Coating Companies in Singapore

Overview of the Singapore Coating Industry Globally the coating market is enormous and ever growing. But among this growth Singapore stands out being a very attractive market for coatings. Singapore actually has one of the highest rates for paint consumption per capita in the Asia Pacific region and in the world. Most coating company offices […]