Epoxy flooring Singapore

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring Singapore; a solid investment

If you are looking for a floor solution that lasts long in almost any environment, is easy to clean and applicable on concrete floors; epoxy flooring singapore is what you are looking for! This flooring system is suitable for industrial heavy duty areas, commercial buildings and even for residential purposes.

5 Pros and Cons of Epoxy floor coating

Almost every type of flooring has some disadvantage or the other. An excellent choice for a variety of needs, epoxy flooring systems seem to have fewer drawbacks and more benefits than other flooring systems. It is important to examine both the benefits and the drawbacks before deciding if Epoxy flooring is the solution you are looking for. Let’s start with the pros.

Epoxy flooring Singapore is one of the most durable concrete floor solutions; it lasts several decades if maintained accordingly. It does not peel or crack and it protects the underlying concrete from moisture, grease, stains and cracks.

However, it is not only protective; it also has got the looks. Compared to an average garage floor, epoxy floors are bright and professional. Their appearance alone makes them enticing to use. Furthermore Epoxy flooring is:

  1. Available in many colours and patterns
  2. Increases brightness of the area by 200%
  3. The per square meter price is hard to beat
  4. It can be installed directly over concrete and other flooring types
  5. Epoxy flooring lasts longer than many other types of flooring.

There are however, also some disadvantages you should be aware of. The cons:

  • Epoxy flooring system’s cannot withstand UV radiation, therefor they are ideal only for interior use
  • Cracks can develop and chipping is a very common issue. So if you drop heavy items on the floor, it may require repair afterwards
  • This flooring system becomes very slippery when wet
  • A significant amount of effort goes into applying it on an existing floor
  • It takes several days to dry properly. Additionally, the first coat of epoxy must dry completely before adding the next coat.

However, you can overcome all the application related cons by getting the job done by a contractor.

Residential epoxy flooring

One of the best ways to beautify your home without breaking the bank is to address your floors. Flooring upgrades are one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to improve your home’s value.  With residential epoxy flooring you create the perfect look for your garage, basement, outdoor patios or any other area you are looking to beautify. You can even apply it over ugly looking tiles.

Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services has an array of Epoxy floor paints for residential use:
Nippon Paint Singapore Co. Pte Ltd
1 First Lok Yang Road Jurong
Singapore 629728

Be aware: You need to account for dust, temperature, humidity, quality of substrate and drying time for that seamless result. Even the presence of insects can create problems on the final surface! In an industrial area, the aesthetic appearance does not matter that greatly.  But (understandably) in your living room it does! Applying a residential epoxy flooring system is therefor not often the ideal choice for residential areas..

Epoxy flooring cost Singapore

Prices range from 50,- to 100,- SGD for a paint bucket if you are willing to apply it yourself. Prices for professional epoxy flooring service start from 60,- SGD per square meter.  Each project is of course unique and many factors determine the painting system required, preparation necessities and finish for best protection without compromising the aesthetics.

A residential epoxy flooring system will also need a slightly porous and cleaned surface to adhere properly. It is important to patch and repair all major cracks and chips before applying the epoxy flooring system. A professional can do this for you, but this will of course add to the total cost.

Taken all of the above into account, it is not possible to give you an exact price estimate, without knowing more details. Therefor, to better assess your needs and to give you a more specific price estimate for your project please contact us for a consultation. We are happy to connect you with one of our Epoxy flooring contractors Singapore.

Epoxy flooring contractors Singapore

Here are some examples of local epoxy flooring contractors Singapore. Please contact us if you need a personal consultation or free quote.

3M Singapore Yishun
1, Yishun Avenue 7
Singapore 768923

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