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Fire retardant paint Singapore

Fire Retardant Paint

Make almost any surface resistant to fire

Fire retardant paint Singapore is a type of safety coating which makes the surface somewhat immune to fire. The paint does not make the surface 100% fireproof but prevents it from catching fire and slows down the burning process. This phenomena is possible through the special properties of fire retardant paint. When the coating becomes dramatically heated, it releases gas which dampens flames.

Fire retardant paint is suitable for most structural construction materials including:

  • wood
  • bricks and Stones
  • plaster
  • metals
  • concrete
  • MDF (medium density fiberboard)

Suitable applications for fire retardant paint include cladding, doors, floors, walls and ceilings. Fire retardant paint is suitable for indoors and outdoors and it comes in many colors and finishes.

Protect different types of surfaces and materials

The fire protection paints are suitable for many substrate materials in different positions. They can be applied on ceilings, walls, internal structures, doors, cladding, floors and many other surfaces. Fireproof paint is available for the following materials. Some coatings may additionally be suitable for other substrates such as tiles and MDF.

fire retardant paint Singapore

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Fire retardant paint vs. intumescent paint

Quite often, fire retardant and intumescent paint are used interchangeably. Technically seen these two terms are not quite the same. Both of the coatings are fire resistant but they function in different ways. Fire retardant paint releases flame dampening gas and so prevents the surface from catching fire. Intumescent paint for its part, extends in high temperatures and in case of fire forms a foamy layer which keeps the surface from exposure to fire.

Make wood fire retardant

Fire resistant coating for wood prevents wooden surfaces from catching hazardous fires. Nevertheless, these coatings do not completely prevent wood from burning but significantly reduce the speed of burning. This increases safety and reduces human damages caused by fire. Fire resistant coating for wood can be applied on wooden surfaces of houses, buildings and fences. Applying flame retardant coatings contributes also to passive fire-fighting which includes methods of containing and preventing fire from spreading to nearby areas.

As you may know, wood can easily catch fire and it burns rather fast. A little accident becomes quickly a serious hazard if noticing it takes time. Nowadays, applying fire retardant coatings has even higher significance due to ever growing number of electrical appliances in households. applying these coatings can be a smart move to protect yourself from dangerous situations. The fire retardant coatings for wood are additionally suitable for wooden furniture and interiors.

fire retardant paint singapore

Steel protection from fire

Steel is the most common metal in construction structures. Therefore, the fire retardant coatings for metal are usually suitable for steel. Whereas wood burns fast when catching fire, metal loses its structure in hot temperatures. Therefore, it is important to protect metal surfaces from heating up in case of fire. Fire retardant paint for steel is used on structural steel to ensure that it does not catch fire and the building does not collapse.

Protecting steel structures with fire retardant paint is often not as effective as using intumescent coatings which insulate the metal and protect it from heating.

Make concrete even stronger against fire and heat

Although concrete already has fire-retardant properties, it is still a wise option to use a protective coating for negating the impact of fire. Intumescent coating on concrete helps protect concrete structures from rapid heating which otherwise causes the structure to collapse. However, if coated, it is likely that the concrete surface will retain its strength to a greater extent and prevent damage on a larger scale.

Making concrete fireproof with intumescent coating is easy with brush, spray or roller applications.

Electrical cables

Electrical cables are quite vulnerable to fire incidents. Although many precautions are taken while installing electrical cables, there are still some weak spots that can cause a dangerous fire. It is due to this that fire retardant paint for electrical cables proves to be very effective. Not only do these coatings protect a building or house from catching a fire, it also increases the life span of the cables.

Fire retardant are therefore a form of protective covering that reinforce surfaces on which they are applied on. Electrical cables are almost everywhere. In factory plants, these types of industrial coatings can be a very effective method by which many accidents can be prevented.

Electrical cables

Fire retardant paint in 4 categories

Fire retardant and intumescent coatings provide fire protection for both structural steelwork and for timber substrates. Some coatings provide fire protection to steel columns and beams, including cellular beams, offering 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire protection periods for structural steelwork.

  • 30 minutes protection
  • 60 minutes protection
  • 90 minutes protection
  • 120 minutes protection

Surfaces to apply fire resistant coating 

The advanced, easy to apply and cost effective fire resistant coating Singapore can be applied to:

  • steel – when exposed to high temperatures the steel structure of a building can collapse. When applied, steel coating can provide fire protection up to 90 minutes.
  • wood – one of the fastest burning materials can be upgraded to withstand fire for 30 or even 60 minutes.
  • concrete – has fire retardant properties itself. However, if coated, it is likely that the concrete surface will retain its strength to a greater extend.

In Singapore you can see (or not see because of its transparency) examples of applied intumescent paint and fire resistant coating solutions on Marina Bay Sands HotelRaffles PlaceThe Fullerton Hotel Singapore and on The Lotus Inspired ArtScience Museum.

The Lotus Inspired ArtScience Museum.

Using fire resistant coating 

In Singapore building owners and the building industry have to follow strict building regulations and provide safe and effective means of escape. Fire resistant coating systems have proved to be real game changers in this area.

Fire resistant coating, and intumescent coating in particular, is made out of a substance with a special chemical composition that swells when heated. When it increases in volume it creates a protective barrier between the fire and the substrate, thus prolonging the time before the structure collapses. This gives people valuable time to escape. Fire resistant coating is mandatory in the latest legal building regulations and more and more people choose to apply the coating in their homes.

In Singapore, the Singapore Civil Defence Force SCDF released the Fire Code 2013 for buildings. Also, there is a Fire Safety Act at the Singapore Statutes Online.

Manufacturers and prices of fire resistant coating Singapore

There are a number of fire retardant paint providers in Singapore. Prices vary significantly depending upon the quantity. However, they can go up to SGD 500. Asia Paint and 3M Singapore are some of the suppliers.

fire retardant paint Singapore

Combining fire retardant coatings to reach the most protection

To reach maximum protection from fire and flames, it is possible to combine the effects of intumscent and fire resistant coatings. The intumescent coating works as an undercoat which protects the surface from overheating and weakening, whereas the fire resistant coating functions as a topcoat damping the flames and extending the protection of the intumescent coating.

Special purpose fire retardant spray

Vermiculite fireproofing spray is a tough, hard and highly stable passive fire protection coating applied to structural steel members by spray application. It can be also applied by troweling, when necessary. It consists of factory produced blend of exfoliated vermiculite, cementitious binders and rheological and mix dispersing agents supplied as a dry mix to which clean water is added on site. It does not respond to any form of expansion, foaming or chemical reaction to impart its fire protection properties.

2 grades

  • Internal grade – robust, economic coating for internal use
  • External grade – tough coating for external use,  resistant to variety of climatic conditions

Both grades are designed for installation by spray techniques. It can be applied to bare steel surfaces in the thickness of up to 30 mm at a time. The surface of the steel should be dry and free of dirt, oil, loose mill scale, flaking paint and loose rust.

Fire performance

  • When applied, both grades of spray are rated ‘Non-combustible’ to BS476 Part 4:1970 and comply with performance requirements of ‘Class O’ as defined in Building Regulations.
  • Both grades have been fully tested on structural steel beams and columns for up to 4-hours fire resistance in accordance with BS476 Part21: 1987.
  • The thickness of the fire protection material required for a given period of fire resistant is dependent upon the surface area of the steel member exposed to fire and its equivalent cross sectional area (Hp/A) value for the section.                          

The vermiculite fire retardant & fireproofing spray is available at K.A. Group Holdings Pte Ltd, 10 Ubi Crescent, #06-99 Ubi Techpark Lobby E, Singapore 408564.                 

Fireproofing contractors Singapore

This list of fireproofing contractors can help make your environment safer with the use of fire retardant paints and coatings.

Berger Paints Singapore Pre Ltd22 Benoi Sec S 629854+65 62615224
Copas Coatings Pte Ltd8 Aljunied Ave 3 Oakwell Bldg S 389933+65 67423755
Limex (F E) Pte Ltd2 Jln Rajah #07-06 Golden Wall Flatted Fty S 329134+65 62540900
Nippon Paint (S) Co Pte Ltd Blk 23 Bendemeer Rd #01-509 S 330023+65 62991318
3M Singapore Yishun1, Yishun avenue 7, S 768923+65 6450 8888


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