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Shine and durability with glass coating for your car

Every car owner dreams about a shiny car that look like new no matter its age. Several traditional tricks like waxing and paint sealers are often used to give the looks of the car a boost. However, these methods require maintenance and reapplication a couple of times a year. A glass coating, however, is a longer-lasting system which makes your car shine for years!

Note that glass coating has nothing do with actual glass, the name simply refers to the looks and hardness of the coating. However, unlike glass, the coating is somewhat impact resistant and does not shatter if damaged.

What glass coatings actually does to your car

A glass coating forms an extremely hard protective layer on top of the protective lacquer of the car. It is a clear coat that does not affect the colour of the car, but does create a glossy surface. Some of the glass coating products also create a desired wet-look. Additionally, the coating protects the car from many hazards including the following – and all without waxing and polishing!

  • Acids and salts
  • UV radiation
  • Corrosion

The glass coatings, additionally, have hydrophobic properties which means that they repel water; after rain you won’t see a trace of the rain drops. Not only does the coating repel water, but also dirt and other contamination. The car becomes thus, easier to clean.

3 reasons to choose for a glass coating

To start with, a glass coating is “the thing” you need to have if you want your car to shine with minimum efforts, AND you are prepared to pay a little extra compared to a traditional wax.  If you decide to let glass coating applied on your car, you’ll have the 3 benefits:

  1. 5 years of shine and protection;
  2. Protection from minor scratches and dents;
  3. Easy to clean, requires less maintenance

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