Intumescent paint Singapore

intumescent paint singapore

A paint that swells in high temperatures

Intumescent paint is a form of fire resistant coatings. It contributes to passive fire fighting by preventing surfaces from catching fire and slowing down the burning process. Intumescent paint swells in high temperatures, for example in case of fire.

Its volume increases and density decreases forming a foam-like layer on the heated area. This layer insulates the surface and does not let the flames through. However, intumescent paint does not make structures 100% fire proof. It only slows down the burning time, which can be life saving in case of fire.  By applying intumescent paint Singapore ‘s houses and other buildings’ safety can be increased.

Intumescent paint is suitable for various surfaces

  • metal (mostly structural steel)
  • wood
  • cladding
  • plaster
  • brick and stone surfaces

intumescent paint singapore

Passive fire protection

Fire protection that carries out its function without requiring manual or automatic initiation of its operation in the event of fire.

Active fire protection

Fire protection system which, in event of fire, can function only after its operation has been manually or automatically activated.

The methods used to protect steel are:

•  fire resisting boards
•  vermiculite cement sprays
•  fibre sprays
•  dry linings.
•  mineral wool
•  intumescent coatings

Intumescent paint vs vermiculite

An advantage of the intumescent paint compared to other methods such as vermiculite spray is that the coating can apply the required decorative finishes paint. Smooth paint finish to match existing wall and ceiling can be easily blend with building themes.

Vermiculite probably is the least expensive form of fire protection and can often be seen in places like multi-storey car parks and basement areas of buildings, where a very rough and thick coating has obviously been applied to the profile of the steel. The material is supplied to the contractor as a dry powder made up of cement and exfoliated vermiculite. The vermiculite contains air and protection is provided by a combination of water evaporation and insulation.

The material is mixed in a portable paddle mixer with water before application and the amount of water is critical to the application and fire performance of the coating. It is then sprayed onto the surface using a screw feed pump. Vermiculite sprays are widely used internally and also on petrochemical plants where special weatherproof grades are available. In certain circumstances they require steel wire mesh support and weld pins to anchor the mesh. A water-repellent coat is often applied to give protection against moisture.

Thickness varies from around 10/12 mm up to 50 mm and, as the material is highly alkali they require 3epoxy or other alkali resisting primers to be applied to the steel after blast cleaning. This type of material can also be used for concrete protection and certain other countries. Tunnel lining can also be protected in this way.

intumescent paint singapore

Benefits of using intumescent paint

Since the invention of intumescent paint, the systems have been tried out and tested, and have proved to be real game changers in fire protection. The advantage is of course that they protect buildings and structures. They also provide valuable escape time and can ultimately save people’s lives. They are mandatory in the latest legal building regulations and more and more people choose to apply the coating in their homes. Furthermore the coating is:

  • infused with advanced technology;
  • much safer to use than primitive methods;
  • easy to apply;
  • cost-effective;
  • tried out, tested and proven effective.

Additionally, many intumescent coatings have also other properties which protect specific substrates for example intumescent paint for steel is often rustproof and intumescent paint for wood provides protection from weathering and UV radiation. The Fire Safety & Shelter Department (FSSD) places great importance in the selection of buildings products with respect to fire safety of buildings. These products might be in discrete forms such as fire doors and fire extinguishers, or they might be non-discrete in nature such as fire rated partition and glass blocks.

Protect concrete structures with intumescent coatings

Although concrete already has fire-retardant properties, it is still a wise option to use a protective coating for negating the impact of fire. Intumescent coating on concrete helps protect concrete structures from rapid heating which otherwise causes the structure to collapse. However, if coated, it is likely that the concrete surface will retain its strength to a greater extent and prevent damage on a larger scale.

Making concrete fireproof with intumecent coating is easy with brush, spray or roller applications. Also, removal of electrical installations isn’t necessary when coating.

Increase fire safety with intumescent paint for steel

Intumescent coatings swell when they become exposed to heat. Therefore, in case of fire, the coating expands and its density decreases, which makes these coatings ideal for fireproofing. Due to the swelling, the coating forms a layer of low conductivity char. Such a coating is also available for steel structures. Intumescent paint for steel effectively protects steel from catching fire by insulating the material from heat. This type of industrial coating is often used to pre-treat steel to be fireproof when it is used for steel constructions.

However, steel does not literally catch fire but in high temperatures it loses its capacity to withstand load, which often results collapsing steel structures. Consequently, it increases the chance for human damage due to lack of time to escape. Fortunately the evacuation time can be increased by applying intumescent paint for steel structures.

Intumescent paint for wood

Destructive fire in cities has been a problem for centuries. The main reason for the major damages is wood which has been and still is a common (and fast burning) building material. Today’s technology, fortunately, allows a formula for intumescent paint for wood. Intumescent paint is a form of fire retardant coatings and it expands and forms an insulating protection layer when the temperature rises to extremes. Thus, applying intumescent paint for wood can remarkably increase fire safety and it contributes to passive firefighting.

Nowadays, applying fire retardant coatings has even higher significance due to ever growing number of electrical appliances in households. Applying these coatings can be a smart move to protect yourself from dangerous situations. The fire retardant coatings for wood are additionally suitable for wooden furniture and interiors.

intumescent paint singapore

Intumescent paint manufacturers & companies in Singapore

If you have any questions about intumescent paint, do not hesitate to contact us. Our coating experts are happy to help you!

One of the producers of intumescent paint in Singapore is Nullfire who offers a whole range of water and solvent based products including intmescent sealer, primers and topcoats. With increasing amount of applications of intumescent paint Singapore is becoming more and more “fire proof”.

Nullfire Asia
Address: 5001 Beach Road #08-54
Golden Mile Complex Singapore 199568

9 Reno PTE Limited
Address: Blk 531 Upper Cross Street
#04-49 Hong Lim Complex Singapore 050531

Sika Singapore Pte Lt
Address: 66A Sungei Kadut Street
1 #04-00 Singapore 729368

BFT Brandschutz Fire Technology Pte Ltd
Address: 10 Ubi Crescent
#04-60, Ubi TechPark Lobby D, Singapore 408564

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