Non skid paint Singapore

non skid paint Singapore

Increasing safety with non skid paint Singapore

The main purpose of non skid paint Singapore is to make usually slippery surfaces anti-slip by creating a rougher surface with more grip. Non skid paint is a major factor in reducing accidents and injuries on work floors and public buildings. The paint is also a considerable option for employers due to the fact that most injuries that happen during working hours are causes of slippery floors and stairs. This means that an anti skid coating application can prevent health care and insurance costs for companies. Furthermore, reduced injuries lead to less sick leaves and thus higher presence of employees.

Not only does non skid paint prevent slips and falls but also increases the life expectancy of the surface by:

  • repelling water from the surface
  • protecting the substrate from UV radiation

Non skid coating applications

There are basically three options for creating an anti skid surface. Firstly, it is possible to apply a two component coating system which consists of resin and roughening particles. Secondly, the roughening particles can be added on a coat of clear or colored coating. Last but not least, alternatives for coatings can be used. These include non slip tapes, mats and strips.
Non skid coatings are suitable for many substrates including:

  • Metal and it alloys
  • All types of wood (soft and hard)
  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass
  • Etc.

Nevertheless, it is important to choose a product that is specifically developed for the substrate you wish to apply it on.

Everyone safe on board? Non skid paint for boats

For example for boat owners and cruise ship entrepreneurs non skid paint can be very useful. The decks of the vessels are often wet and constantly exposed to weather conditions. Therefore, non skid paint for boats can improve safety and reduce dangerous situation also on boats and ships. The coating can be applied where seen fit.

non skid paint Singapore

Manufacturers and prices of non skid paint Singapore

There are a number of providers of non-skid coatings in Singapore. Chiaki Worldwide and Epoxy Coatings are two of the major suppliers. The usual price range is between $43.99 to $80 for a 13 oz can and above. Additionally, there are some local, smaller producers of non skid paint in Singapore.  One of these is ISOTeam who together with Pidilite Innovation Centre in Singapore has developed an non skid coating especially for elderly care. Additionally, the coating has low VOC values making it “greener”. With this non skid coating Singapore hopes to reduce the number of elderly slips and falls.

Slippery wood made anti-slip

Walking on wet wood can be dangerous due to the fact that it tends to extremely slippery. Fortunately, there is a solution! Non skid paint for wood Singapore makes slippery decking, stairs and floors non slip.
Two types of non skid paint are applicable on wood. Firstly, roughening particles can be added on the surface after applying a clear or colored coating. However, it is also possible to apply a coating which includes the roughening particles. These are often two component systems which consist of resin and the particles. These will be mixed together prior to application.

non skid paint wood singapore

Applying special non skid paint for wood

Wood can be a challenging substrate to apply paint on. Therefore, preparing the surface appropriately is crucial before applying a non skid paint system. The preparation includes filling cracks and uneven areas with a crack filler, taping all the joints and applying a suitable wood primer. If the purpose is to apply non skid paint on previously treated wood, it is important to remove all loose paint rests and lightly sand the surface to guarantee good adhesion.

The following steps will guide you through applying a two component non skid paint system:

  1. First prepare the surface as described above. Make sure the wood is completely dry before any further application.
  2. Mix the two components (beads and resin) and stir well.
  3. Coat the edges of the area with either a paint brush or a mini roller.
  4. Use a bigger roller for coating the rest of the area.
  5. Apply another layer of non skid paint if needed. Let the first layer completely dry before applying a new layer.

Alternatives for non skid paint for wood

Even though anti slip wood coating is suitable for many applications on different surfaces, sometimes an alternative solution is more efficient. For example, non skid paint applications on stairs are possible, but anti slip tape or strips are often more cost effective. Stairs are subject to heavy mechanical abrasion, which makes them wear out easily. Consequently, also the coating on the stairs wears and tears fast. Naturally, high-quality non slip wood paint ideal for stairs also exists, yet it is often not the most cost effective option. Furthermore, it is easier and cheaper to change worn-out anti slip strips than recoat the stairs.

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