anti slip coating for metal making stairs safer in green and yellow

Using anti slip paint for metal

Many metal ramps, stairs, floors and other surfaces become less slippery with special anti slip paint for metal surfaces. Metal is a rather slippery material itself but becomes even more dangerous when there is water or ice on it. It is thus important to apply anti slip coating for surfaces that are at risk of being slippery. Slippery surfaces cause the most accidents and injuries during working hours. Therefore, an anti slip solution is relevant to consider for employers too. These coatings are additionally increasing safety in hospitals, schools and public buildings.

Anti slip paint for metal Singapore is often a two component coating system. Adding rubber beads or granular component roughen the surface. It is also water resistant and solvent-free wit low VOC values. The coating is easy to clean, practically odourless, resistant to chemicals and can withstand mechanical loads.

How it works

Anti slip paint for metal ships

Ship decks and access balconies are often coated with anti slip paint for metal.

To prevent falling the surface must be made a little rough. There are two ways to achieve this with a coating:

  1. By mixing loose particles, usually rubber beads through the coating formula and applying them on the surface (2K systems).
  2. By applying a coating of your choice and adding the aggregate when the surface is still uncured

Clear anti slip coatings are the most popular even though the systems are also available in a range of colours. However, it is also possible to further coat the substrate with another paint layer for sealing and colouring the anti slip substrate.

Types of anti slip paint for metal substrates

As there are many types of metals and its alloys, there are also many different coating solutions for metal. There are clear coatings, sprays and powder coatings for the purpose of giving metal anti slip properties. Loose powders (aggregates or granulates) can be added to the mix (2k) or right after applying a coating. Rust Oleum sells these additives for about 12 Singapore dollar per sachet (10 sqm). When you only want to coat a small area of a substrate, you can grab a SuperGrip spray from Rust Oleum for about $20,-. They are especially convenient for doorknobs, handles and products.

Prefab anti slip paint for metal is available in limited range of colors. But you can always add an aggregate to any coating of your wishing. You can also seal the coating with a coloured top coat to get the result you need.

Other benefits of anti slip coating

anti slip coating

In addition to the anti slip function, non skid paint for metal has several other beneficial properties including:

  • Firstly it prevents dirt from adhering to the surface making it easy to clean
  • Secondly the coating is highly chemical resistant
  • Lastly it can withstand heavy mechanical loads

Nevertheless, anti slip paint for metal has a rather long drying time compared to other anti slip systems. Therefore, the properties are optimal only when the surface is completely dry.

At a stable temperature of 20 degrees, the drying process takes approximately seven days.

Best solution for industrial metal stairs

Metal stairs and steps are often outside (airplane boarding stairs, ship stairs and so on) and exposed to the weather elements which makes the steps extremely slippery if they are not treated with anti slip systems. Luckily, there are prefab anti slip strips for stairs that are easy to glue or bolt to stair steps or any ramp surface in a matter of minutes. It is an efficient solution for making the stairs safe for use in wet or outside areas. Applying anti slip paint for metal leads to similar results but are less durable.

The alternatives: tape, strips, sprays and sheeting

Metal surfaces such as stairs, steps and ramps can also achieve a rougher structure by solutions other than coatings. Sometimes the need for anti slip surface is temporary or the budget is small. In that case, anti slip mats, strips and tapes may be considerable options. They can be easily installed and removed when needed. Furthermore, they are often less costly than anti slip coating for metal.

  • Anti slip tape is often used on stairs. The self adhesive tape is cheap, easy to apply and available in different colours and patterns. It is suitable for marking walkways, zebra crossings or pedestrian routes
  • (metal) Anti slip strips and step covers are somewhat coarser than coatings and tapes and suitable for industrial use. Because of this they are common on steep roads, slopes and bridges. Heavy duty preformed Anti-Slip step covers provide a corrosion resistant surface for damaged, worn or slippery steps. Easy to fix with glue and screws.
  • Anti slip sheeting Heavy duty sheets with a tough anti-slip surface. Highly versatile and long-lasting sheets for ramps, walkways, etc.Heavy duty sheets with a tough anti-slip coating surface. Highly versatile and long-lasting sheets for ramps, walkways, etc. Free to cut to size.
  • Anti slip permanent linemarking Heavy duty, long term line marking designed for internal and external areas. The though fiberglass profile makes it a hard wearing product designed for life. Easy to secure through pre-drilled holes.

Do-it-yourself anti slip metal stairs

Applying a one pot anti slip coating for metal stairs may take up to 24 hours including necessary drying times. Before application, make sure that you have the right equipment and protection (such as gloves and coveralls). The ideal application conditions are 20-25° C and 50% relative humidity.

  1. Prepare the surface prior to application by grit blasting or abrading it
  2. Apply a metal primer
  3. When the primer is dry, mark the area, you wish to paint, using painter’s tape
  4. Open the paint can and mix it well (preferable with a mixing blade) for 3-5 minutes
  5. Pour the coating onto the surface (the structure is often thick)
  6. You can spread the coating using different tools. The choice of tool affect the coverage and texture of the layer.
  7. Let the coating dry according to the product specific instructions.

Manufacturers in Singapore for commercial use

1 Yishun Avenue 7
Singapore 768923

Delta Intercontinental Pte Ltd
38 Woodlands Industrial Park E1,
#06-04, Singapore 757700

G-MES International Pte Ltd
280 Woodlands Industrial Park
E5 #09-44 Harvest
Woodlands Singapore 757322

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