anti slip paint for concrete being mixed in a bucket

Anti slip paint for concrete in many ways

Thanks to anti slip paint for concrete, floors in garages, factories and parking lots can be made anti slip! The anti slip coating layer on concrete can be created in several ways. These include:

  • Non skid concrete paint where roughening particles are added later
  • Anti slip concrete coating with roughening particles
  • Non slip treatment which uses the surfaces properties for anti skid purposes
  • Anti slip tape, strips and mats

The most suitable non skid paint depends on the size, shape and condition of the surface. There are mainly two types of anti slip paint for concrete: firstly it is possible to apply a coating which contains aggregate of particles (2K systems). Nevertheless, it is also common to first apply a coating and sprinkling the particle aggregate on it afterwards. Furthermore, non slip treatments which slightly dissolve silica form the concrete making it less slippery have been developed. Those treatments are not yet available all over the world but the availability improves all the time. Furthermore, when the anti slip surface does not need to be consistent, different tapes, strips and mats with anti slip function can be applicable.

Application of anti slip paint

Anti slip paint for concrete is suitable for:

  • unsealed, non-painted concrete
  • sealed, non painted concrete
  • sealed, painted concrete

An anti slip treatment which makes use of properties of concrete applicable only on unsealed surfaces. The system is usually a water borne clear coat which allows controlled dissolving of silica from the surface. Thus, when the silica dissolves, the concrete surface becomes rougher. Consequently, the surface is not anymore so slippery. Other non skid concrete coatings are suitable for all sealed surfaces. If the surface is not sealed, it is crucial to apply a sealer before bringing on an anti slip paint system. The anti slip applications usually take place with a paint brush and roller.anti slip paint for concrete Singapore

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  1. cristina
    cristina says:


    I would like to inquire about the anti slip paint. (yellow color)

    How much can apply for about 52 steps in a metal staircase and 1600mm L per steps.




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