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What to keep in mind when you buy resin in Singapore

Resin is a key component of a coating. At its most basic a coating combines a pigment (the solid component which gives a paint its colour or other properties) and a vehicle (the binder or resin and a solvent if needed). The job of the resin is to adhere the system to the substrate. Needless to say, this is vitally important to the efficacy and success of a coating, and an important aspect to remember when you buy resin.

As well as adhesion to the substrate, a resin binds the pigments together, influencing the coating’s flexibility, toughness, durability and glossiness. As it dries, it undergoes polymerisation, forming long molecular chains and transforming into a durable, adhesive solid. It is of paramount importance that your choice of resin matches your substrate, your intended purpose, and the environment.

Different types of coating resin

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Epoxy resin is one of the most common in Singapore. It is durable, resistant and extremely tough.

Each binder has its own properties, and paints are named for the type of binder they contain. Polyurethane, epoxy, vinyl, acrylic, alkyd, polyurea, all these coatings are named for the resin that forms their vehicle or binder. Resins can be natural or synthetic, though in modern industry almost all resins are synthetic. Modern synthetic resins fall into two categories:

  • Thermoplastic resins: Are solids which are formed using heat and pressure, and soften when exposed to heat. Film formation occurs through evaporation and cooling alone.
  • Thermosetting resins: These react and harden in the presence of heat, moisture and/or oxygen. Film formation occurs through the evaporation of the solvent followed by the cross-linking of the resin. Epoxies and polyurethanes are thermosetting resins.

For most applications requiring high levels of chemical resistance and toughness, thermosetting resins are normally the technology of choice. In the Singaporean climate, a coating unaffected by heat is probably the best option for an effective application. Epoxy coatings are often used for flooring, as well as more industrial use along with polyurethane.

Where to buy coating resin in Singapore – Find a supplier

There are several companies that supply coating resins on the Singapore market. Below is a table outlining a few of the companies from which you can buy resin. If you have any questions about where to buy resin in Singapore, or have a project that you need guidance with, please get in touch! Our coating experts are ready to help with all your coating needs, and connect your project with a solution. Just use the “Request a Quote” button!

CompanyProductApplicationCoating Type
AllnexHydrophobic Polyol (Alkyd Resin)Self-Levelling (Concrete) TopcoatsConstruction and Flooring
ArkemaUrethane Alkyd ResinAll-Purpose Wood VarnishesArchitectural and Industrial Coatings
ArkemaEpoxy Acrylic ResinHardenerMarine Coatings
Tosoh AsiaPolyurethane ResinRubber CoatingSurface Treatment
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  1. Chair Chee Hoe
    Chair Chee Hoe says:

    Hi, I wish to do my own metallic epoxy flooring for my own house. However I have some issues looking for epoxy specifically catered to my needs at hardware shops, paint shops.


    • Ayold
      Ayold says:

      Dear Chair Chee Hoe,

      Thank you for your interest in where to buy metallic epoxy resin. Epoxy flooring resin is not readily found in hardware shops because it is normally installed by professionals. Our advice is to ask your local flooring professionals for guidance with your floor coating. Good luck with your project!
      Best regards,

      Anne-Kathrin –


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