Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is a solid investment for homes and heavy duty in Singapore

Epoxy resin is one of the most hard wearing and resistant ingredients used in flooring systems. An epoxy flooring results from a two component coating system which consists of the resin and a curing agent. Epoxy flooring is the solution used in many Singaporean industrial and commercial buildings and as a residential flooring system.

In this article we will look at the advantages of epoxy floors, and address several issues you should be aware of as well as introducing a couple of Singaporean epoxy flooring specialists.

Epoxy flooring comes with numerous benefits

Epoxy flooring is the most common solution for floors in industrial heavy duty areas, and residential epoxy flooring is increasing its popularity in Singapore. Below we will take a look at several properties that make epoxy paint a coating of choice for almost any floor.

  • Seamless finish – the absence of seams makes floors easy to clean and pleasant to walk on making it suitable for hygienic purposes.
  • Abrasion resistant – parking garages, factory floors and other heavy duty applications can be realised with an epoxy resin floor coating. It is one of the hardest coatings available.
  • Chemical resistant – epoxy resin is one of the most chemical resistant resins available. The coatings can also be modified and made even more resistant by adding a phenolic resin. These are suitable for laboratories and other locations dealing with chemicals (such as Wilmar International, the largest agribusiness in Singapore, and its subsidiary).
  • Epoxy flooring price – the flooring system with the lowest price per square metre compared to its durability – some systems last up to 20 years without maintenance.
  • Clear epoxy coating – a clear option is available to create for example 3D flooring.
  • Attractive – epoxy floor coating comes in a variety of colours and textures. In case an appealing appearance cannot be achieved with epoxy, the coating can be topped with a polyurethane or another solution alike.

What you should know before going for an epoxy floor

Even though epoxy floor sounds a perfect solution for any floor, it has a couple of pitfalls which you should be aware of in order to make the right choice. Below we will address several issues related to industrial and residential epoxy flooring.

green epoxy flooring in industrial environment

Epoxy flooring is a qo-to solution for many heavy duty areas where downtime is allowed.

  • Application – the epoxy paint used for creating the flooring is rather complex to apply, and the epoxy flooring consists of more than one layer. Therefore, epoxy flooring is not suitable for areas that are to avoid downtime at all times.
  • New concrete – epoxy lacks flexibility meaning that it is not recommended for new concrete (less than 4 weeks old) which may ‘move’ as a result of the curing process. In that case you might want to look for another floor coating system.
  • Lack of UV resistance – Epoxy flooring is not good with UV radiation – it may cause it to crack and discolour. Epoxy flooring is thus not recommended for exterior applications without a top coat like polyurethane.
  • Safety issues – As an epoxy floor is a seamless solution, it also has very low slip resistance especially when wet. If you wish to apply epoxy floor in entrance halls and aulas you should consider making the surface anti slip.

Epoxy flooring cost Singapore – what to expect from the price of an epoxy floor

The epoxy flooring cost may generally be little higher than other options such as laminate or linoleum, however, a epoxy floor is certainly more durable – some contractors give a warranty for up to 20 years. In Singapore the residential epoxy flooring cost ranges from 50 to 100 dollars per 5 litres, covering up to 10 square metres. The residential epoxy floor is usually created with epoxy paint which is generally less durable than industrial epoxy floor coatings.

The industrial heavy duty epoxy floor prices start from 60 dollars per  square metre. Each project is of course unique and many factors affect the final total price – the coating system required, preparation necessities and area covered all influence the total costs.

Taking all of the above into account, it is not possible to give you an exact price estimate, without knowing more details. Therefore, to better assess your needs and to give you a more specific price estimate for your project please contact us for consultation. We are happy to connect you with one of our Epoxy flooring contractors in Singapore.

Industrial & Residential epoxy flooring Singapore – Contractors

The epoxy flooring specialists in Singapore include manufacturers such as 3M in Yishun Avenue and Nippon Paint Singapore in Yang Road Jurong. Both of these manufacturers have their own network of certified applicators. Note that not only is epoxy suitable for flooring systems but also ideal for a great variety of industrial applications.

When you are planning to hire a contractors, check for their certification. For example the BCA Academy provides courses and certificates for painting and flooring.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information on epoxy flooring or are looking for products, suppliers and contractors in Singapore. Our experts are here to help! We in collaboration with our specialist partners make sure you get the best epoxy floor paint at the best price for your project!

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