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Industrial coating for heavy and professional use

Coatings in general consist of decorative and industrial coatings. The latter refer to the once used in industrial application and applied on goods during manufacture. These coatings are often more protective than decorative although they also sometimes contribute to the aesthetics. In Singapore the most industrial coatings are suitable for corrosion protection for steel or concrete. The coverage of industrial coating Singapore is wide; they are applicable in many industries, have different application methods and properties. Some of these coatings are also strictly bond to rules and regulations.

The regulations are often concerned with environmental and user safety regarding product application and emissions. Some coatings involve requirements due to the safety they provide; anti slip and fire protection coatings are example of these.

Types of industrial coatings

Industrial coatings cover a very large range of diverse uses for coatings with many differing requirements and functions. Some of the sectors covered are given below:

aerospace coating

Aircraft and aerospace coatings

These are coatings applied to both civil and military aircraft and helicopters. The military applications often involve compliance with a range of defence specifications and requirements.

Automotive coatings

These are coatings that are applied to cars, vans, lorries, trailers etc. Automotive coatings are those that are applied during the manufacture of the vehicle. Vehicle refinish coatings are those that are applied in bodyshops during accident repairs. Automotive coatings are ‘factory’ applied but vehicle refinish are applied in a variety of environments. The latter are subject of strict controls due to some of the ingredients involved and the publications below should be read by those involved in the application of these coatings.

Can coatings

These are a range of very specialised coatings that are applied at low thickness but provide a high degree of protection. These coatings are used for both internal and external coating on food and drink cans. Any coating that is used internally has to be approved for food contact. These coatings are applied on the inside of cans to ensure protection, i.e., to prevent the metal from reacting with the contents of the can, and on the outside for decorative purposes.

Coatings for plastics

Special coatings designed for use on plastic substrates, such as car bumpers, dashboards and grills, plastic toys and electronics.

Coil coatings

These are coatings applied to metal sheets – often starting as large coils of steel which are then formed into a wide range of uses e.g. domestic appliances such as washing machines, automotive parts and composite panels for prestigious buildings. Pre-finish metal coatings, or coil coatings, are applied on continuous metal sheets, strips and coils, which are subsequently sold to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Applications range from gutters and household appliances to automobile and electrical components.

General industrial

This terminology is used to cover a range of coatings which have a wide range of applications to steel, iron and aluminium as well as to glass, plastic and wood. These coatings include both air drying and stoving coatings and will include coatings across a wide range of uses such as nuts and bolts, office furniture, toolboxes, transformers,  power plant, transport containers and agricultural and construction equipment. The term will include coatings that are defined and listed separately such as coil and high performance coatings.

industrial coating

High Performance

These are also known as protective coatings and are the coatings applied to structural steelwork such as bridges, oil and gas rigs, structures such as stadiums and warehouses and chemical plants. These coatings are designed to have both high corrosion resistance and also good cosmetic appearance. These coatings will resist adverse weather, corrosive atmospheres and chemicals and they will provide durability to structures.

Intumescent coatings

Intumescent coatings are applied to structural steelwork and react in a fire to form an impervious layer that will protect the steel and maintain its structural integrity. Coatings have to meet certain test requirements and will carry certification on their performance

Marine coatings

These are coatings applied to all sizes of ships and boats and will cover tankers, cruise ships, tugs and yachts. With their anti-corrosive or anti-fouling properties, marine coatings are designed for all kinds of vessels, including commercial and cargo ships. Coatings for offshore oil rigs and equipment are described under “Protective and maintenance coatings”.

Protective and maintenance coatings

Also known as heavy-duty or high-performance coatings, protective and maintenance coatings are applied on steel structures, steel bridges, off-shore oil rigs and equipment, chemical and petroleum plants, piping and other structures requiring protection against corrosion and/or high resistance to wear and tear. These coatings generally require much thicker film, i.e., 3-4 mm, than architectural and decorative coatings. BASF’s resin technology includes polyurethane, polyester and epoxy. Typical applications include heat-resistant coatings for pipes and flares, heavy-duty floor paint for factories, warehouses and airport hangars and high-performance coatings for oil-rig towers, bridges, plant and related equipment.

Wood finishes

The term used to cover those coatings used as industrial wood coatings. These are coatings applied in factories to wood for a range of uses, which include office furniture, kitchen and bathroom fittings, general furniture and industrial joinery. These are different to ‘wood care’ coatings which are the DIY coatings such as wood varnishes and coatings for fences and decking etc.

industrial coating Singapore

PPG Industrial Coatings

PPG Industrial Coatings produces coatings for appliances, agricultural and construction equipment, consumer electronics, automotive parts, residential and commercial construction, wood flooring and many other finished products. PPG Industrial Coatings is committed to ongoing research and development of innovative technologies.  From pre-treatment and electrocoat, to liquid, powder and even ultra-violet (UV) and electro-beam (EB) coatings, PPG can meet virtually any coatings challenge.

PPG Industrial Coatings serves a wide range of industries.  From protective to decorative to industrial applications, PPG’s technical experts bring experience and resources within each market to provide solutions that work.

  • Major appliance
  • Consumer products
  • Heavy duty equipment
  • Automotive parts & accessories
  • General Finishes
  • Wood coatings
  • Extrusion coatings & coil coatings
  • Transportation coatings

PPG Industrial Coatings
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
+48 22 753 03 10

industrial coating Singapore

AkzoNobel Singapore

International Paint Singapore Pte Ltd (Global Marine Coatings Headquarters and Research Center)
21 Tuas South Street 3
638023 AkzoNobel Singapore

International Paint Singapore Pte Ltd (Yacht Division)
22 Soon Lee Road Singapore

International Paint Singapore Pte Ltd
3 Neythal Road Jurong Town

AkzoNobel Wood Finishes and Adhesives
14 Sungei Kadut Way

Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes
222 Tagore Lane, #01-06 TG Building

More coating manufacturers in Singapore can be found here.

Industrial metal coatings

Industrial coating Singapore often refer applications which take place during fabrication of products. Liquid anti corrosion coating as well as powder coatings are suitable for industrial applications. Nowadays, powder coatings are increasingly popular due to the fact that they do not contain harmful VOC unlike liquid coatings. This means that powder coatings are more environmentally friendly and also tougher than its liquid alternatives. Application methods for the industrial coatings include:

  • Low pressure spray;
  • Airless spray (also available for 2K systems);
  • Electrostatic spray (for corrosion resistant powder coating);
  • Robot operated spraying techniques (liquid and powder coatings);
  • Curtain coating;
  • Dip coating (fluidised bed application for corrosion resistant powder coating).

industrial metal coating Singapore

Types of high performance coatings

Here you can see a list of the toughest, most well-engineered primers, finishes and linings currently available on the market:

  • Zinc primers; Organic and inorganic zinc-rich primers promise superior adhesion and galvanic protection qualities.
  • Epoxy primers and finishes; Line of epoxy primers and finishes for an excellent barrier protection for a number of industries and uses.
  • Polyurethane finishes; Polyurethane finishes offer superior, long-term gloss and color retention, making them ideal for high-visibility projects.
  • High temperature coatings; Direct to metal coatings capable of withstanding high operating temperatures and battling corrosion under insulation.
  • Acrylics – water based; Water-based acrylics are typically single-package, easy-to-use coatings that provide excellent aesthetic properties.
  • Linings; Versatile, high-performance tank linings prevent corrosion and protect your assets.
  • Alkyd and siloxane coatings; Coatings for color-coding and striping, non-corrosive atmospheres and areas of high electrical activity.
  • Albi clad fireproofing products; Intumescent coatings for fireproofing structural steel in process facilities.
  • Urethane finishes; Finish coatings for industrial applications where durability and UV protection are needed.
  • Floor coatings; Concrete Coatings and Resinous Flooring.

BASF in Singapore

Their portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas. In 2016, BASF posted sales of €58 billion and income from operatIndustrial coatingsions before special items of approximately €6.3 billion. BASF combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through research and innovation, they support their customers in nearly every industry in meeting the current and future needs of society. They’ve summed up this contribution in their corporate purpose: ‘We create chemistry for a sustainable future’.

BASF has been operating in Singapore since 1978. BASF posted sales to customers in Singapore of about €224 million in 2016 and had 690 employees there as of the end of the year. BASF operates local production facilities and maintains its Asia Pacific regional headquarters for several business units in Singapore. Also based in Singapore are the BASF Learning Campus (Singapore), which offers leadership and business-related learning for BASF employees in Asia Pacific, and the Newtrition® Lab Asia Pacific, a technical application laboratory for its nutrition and health business.

BASF South East Asia Pte.
Ltd.7 Temasek Boulevard,
#35-01 Suntec Tower One,
Singapore 038987

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