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Metal coating for many purposes

Metal is one of the most common materials in many industries such as construction, automotive, ship building, aerospace and electronics. Despite metal’s many beneficial properties, it is often necessary to improve them and protect the metal surfaces. Here metal coating Singapore has an important role.

The coatings protect metal and its alloys from hazard such as corrosion, chemicals, acids and oils.

Metal coating makes sure that the surfaces is durable enough for its function and environment. For example humid environments require fungus and water resistant coatings; whereas in a factories oil, chemical and heat resistance are more crucial.

Types of metal coating

In general, the term coating includes industrial and decorative products. Industrial coatings refer to those applied on objects during the production phase and decorative paints are those available for consumer and used for improving aesthetics of objects and surfaces.

The main hazard for metals is corrosion which is sometimes summarised into rusting. Therefore, most types of metal coating have corrosion resistant properties. Metals also abrade and wear with time: coatings also slow down this phenomenon. An appropriate coating can extend the life expectancy of a surface. Furthermore, for example in factory environments it is important that metal is immune to oil and chemicals whereas environments with high humidity require fungus and water resistant on metal.

One type of coating is often applicable on several surfaces.

For example the following coating types are suitable also for metals and metal alloys:

  • conductive coating
  • high temperature coating
  • chemical resistant coating
  • powder coating

Safety coatings for metal Singapore

Moreover, there are safety coatings which are applicable on metal surfaces.

These include:

  • anti slip paint
  • fire retardant coating
  • anti graffiti solutions

Metal coating Singapore

Industrial metal coating applications

Industrial coatings for metal can be either liquid or powder coatings. However, the latter is more common due to the fact that it creates a somewhat more durable layer than liquid paints. Powder coatings are also more environmentally friendly due to their lower VOC content.

Liquid paints are often applied by roller or brush, at least in on-site applications. Additionally, there are many other application methods which are suitable for industrial use.

These include:

  • low pressure spray
  • airless spray (also for 2K systems)
  • electrostatic spray (powder coating)
  • automated applications
  • curtain coating
  • dip coating

Many industrial metal coating also require a curing procedure. That usually involves high heat on the surface or chemical/ radiation application to harden and dry the coating.

Corrosion resistant coating for metal

It’s common for high performance structural components to experience some form of corrosion regardless of what type of material is used. A corrosion resistant coating can increase the lifespan of a part, as well as reduce maintenance and replacement costs, but in order to select the appropriate coating it’s important to identify what kind of corrosion a part is prone to. Based on how a part is used and what conditions it’s exposed to, the kind of corrosion that develops may differ.

There are five general types of corrosion:

  • galvanic
  • stress cracking
  • general
  • localised
  • caustic agent corrosion

metal coating Singapore

Advanced chemical treatment Pte Ltd

Advance Chemical Treatment Pte Ltd offers their service since 2003. 45 years ago the company started in Singapore and now they are becoming one of the largest one stop surface treatment methods and application companies located within the centre of Singapore. They offer services for the following industries:

  • precision engineering
  • consumer lifestyle
  • aviation
  • military
  • semi-conductor
  • construction
  • retail
  • decorative

They are located at Blk 3029A Ubi Road 3 #01-102 Singapore 408661

Electroplating services Singapore

That’s Electroplating Pte Ltd18 Third Lok Yang Rd, Singapore 628011+65 6265 9479
Sin Electroplating Pte Ltd8 Tuas Basin CI, Singapore 6388801+65 6863 2112
P.I.E. Electroplating 12 Tuas South Street 5, Singapore 637793+ 65 6861 6986
Star Elexctro Plating Works Block 81 Geylang Bahry Terrace, #01-2650/2652, Singapore 339689+65 6292 4378

Anodizing services Singapore

ACP Metal Finishing Pte Ltd6 Joo Koon Cir, Singapore 629037+65 6863 8318
Richport Technology Pte Ltd107 Neythal Rd Singapore 628595+65 6484 1214

ACP metal finishing Pte Ltd Singapore

For more than 30 years, ACP has built up a first class reputation as a metal surface finisher, supporting the Aerospace, Bio-Medical, Consumer Electronics, Optical, Ordnance and Semi-Conductor sectors in Singapore.

ACP Metal Finishing Pte Ltd 6 Joo Koon Circle
Singapore 629037
Tel : (65) 6863 8318 Fax : (65) 6862 2989

Metal coatings for consumers: the application

The products available for consumers are liquid metal paints mostly for home decoration but also for protecting metal parts and structures in for example buildings or vehicles.

  • in every case, before starting to apply the coating, it is important to clean and prepare the metal surface.
  • all rust and grease should be off the substrate.  
  • after cleaning, a high quality primer or undercoat may be a wise choice, due to the fact that it improves adhesion and provides extra protection against corrosion and other hazards.
  • roller and brush are the most common tools for liquid paint applications.
  • spray applications are also possible even though they require professional equipment.
  • fortunately also easy to apply spray products exist; the simplest liquid metal spray paint application comes from a spray aerosol which is ready for use.

Depending on the surface, one or more layers of coating are applied:

  • One layer of coating is suitable on indoor objects and objects with low influence of weather conditions. Single layer coating is also advised for outdoor galvanised materials which are not affected by extreme outdoor influences;
  • Two layers of coating are appropriate on (stainless) steel, aluminium and galvanised materials outside;
  • Three layers of coating are applied on stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised materials in extreme weather conditions and heavy stress.

The layers may consist of one product, however, it is also possible to apply liquid metal paint finish or topcoat as the last layer.

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