military coating Singapore

Military coating Singapore

Military products and military vehicles demand uncompromising protection and flawless performance under the most rigorous conditions — and that’s why military finishers turn to the best coating specialists for their finishing needs. From primers and chemical agent resistant coatings (CARC) to topcoats and munitions coatings, some companies offer the full complement of tough military coating solutions. Multiple companies deliver a formidable advantage for your military product finishing needs with a military coating.

PPG military coatings

  • PPG Aerospace is a global leader for Aerospace military coatings
  • Our chrome-free primer solutions and our military topcoats provide additional value to our customers in terms of increased service life and application robustness
  • The addition of the Deft® portfolio provides for a greater opportunity to drive the development of new technologies required by the industry

military coating Singapore

PPG Aerospace claim to be a global leader in the development and supply of coatings products for the military aerospace segment of the industry.

With the addition of the Deft® portfolio in 2013, PPG has a full line of topcoats and primers needed for the industry supporting fighters, trainers, transport aircraft, and helicopters.  They say that their Advanced Performance Coatings have become the industry standard supporting nearly all platforms in the industry.  Their primer systems, which include chrome-free products from both the PPG and Deft® portfolios, continue to lead the industry by ensuring long-term integrity of airframe structures.

PPG Powercron Electrocoat

Many military products such as vehicles, cabs, frame rails, wheels, and body panels are coated with PPG Powercron Electrocoat. These products offer:

  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • edge coverage
  • protective throw power

This makes them ideal for military vehicles and parts. The epoxy primers have excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates and are excellent bases for CARC topcoats.

PPG products for military applications

For military & defence:

This gray electrocoat finish is approved to military specification MIL-DTL-53084 for use on military parts. This product was formulated to meet military requirements by offering a unique combination of properties: excellent corrosion resistance, edge coverage, protective throwpower, heavy metal-free, HAPs-free, and low VOC.

This one-component, black electrocoat finish is approved to military specification MIL-DTL-53084 for use on military parts. It was shown to meet military requirements by providing excellent corrosion resistance, edge coverage and protective throwpower, all from a heavy metal-free, HAPs-free, low VOC formulation. POWERCRON 590-534 provides excellent film smoothness and a recommended 375°F cure temperature.

This black electrocoat finish is approved to military specification MIL-DTL-53084 for use on military parts. It provides excellent corrosion resistance, edge coverage and protective throwpower, and is also heavy metal-free, HAPs-free and low VOC. POWERCRON 6000CX is available as a traditional two-component, or a user-friendly single-component feed, and offers an energy-saving cure advantage, with a 350°F recommended temperature.

This premier black electrocoat finish is approved to military specification MIL-DTL-53084 for use on military parts. It provides the same performance and base formulation characteristics as our other products, but also the maximum edge protection available from a single-layer of electrocoat. FRAMECOAT II cures at a recommended 350°F, and is available in a traditional, two-component feed package.

PPG military aviation coatings

PPG provides include energy-absorbing internal and external coatings, increased bird impact resistance with no increase in transparency weight, increased pilot vision with wraparound windshields, increased transparency service life, and quick replacement of transparencies for decreased maintenance downtime. PPG Aerospace is a producer of conductive coatings for:

military coating singapore

  • transparency applications
  • low observables and electrical heating 
  • solar infrared
  • ultra violet
  • night vision
  • laser protection

CARC topcoats | CARC paint suppliers

Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) are used by the Department of Defense (DoD) for the protection of military assets. Current solvent-borne and water-dispersible CARC topcoats contribute approximately 2.3 million pounds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) to the environment each year. For decades, the DoD has recognised the need to develop powder coatings, which contain no solvents, as a means to greatly reduce these emissions. The key challenges to developing powder coatings for CARC topcoats are achieving chemical warfare agent resistance, extremely low gloss, and superior exterior durability.

Coatings military applications | Mil spec applications

Applications include the coating of defence ground equipment including:

  • vehicles
  • trucks
  • backhoes
  • loaders
  • bridges
  • containers
  • weapons systems
  • ammunition

Several companies also offer a complete range of coatings for airborne systems in addition to a large assortment of specialty coatings including anti slip and powder coatings. For instance, some companies also deliver chromate free primers and are qualified to deliver the Mil-PRF-23377 Class N chromate free primer. In addition some companies offer water based options for both primer and topcoat.

Military coating companies Singapore | Mil spec suppliers

Mapaero Commercial
Phone : +65 9880 2635

Mechem Engineering & Trading Company Pte Ltd
21 Joo Koon Road
Singapore 628979
Telephone: +65 6861 0223

PPG Industries
63 Tuas Ave 1, Singapore 639507
6861 1119

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