moisture curing polyurethane

The user-friendliness of moisture curing polyurethane

Moisture curing paint systems or MCU’s are one pack systems that have the advantage to be very user-friendly. There are no possible mixing mistakes, no potlife, they are time winning and half as much packaging material to dispose of compared to traditional two-pack epoxies. Based on high quality polyurethane resins and thanks to their specific formulation, they can be used in extreme climatic conditions. Singapore is situated near the equator and has a typically tropical climate, with abundant rainfall, high and uniform temperatures, and high humidity all year round. A moisture curing polyurethane Singapore can be used in Singaporean climate. Being very surface tolerant makes them the best choice when painting substrates difficult to reach or impossible to derust and prepare properly. They will simply make your work easier as you can use one type of paint for various substrates.

MCU coating for extreme situations

A moisture curing polyurethane will ensure you a durable protection together with a better project productivity. At Libert Paints, there are different kinds of moisture curing polyurethanes (MCU’s) for different solutions. For instance:moisture curing polyurethane

  • Polyfix; fixator to repair corroded and damaged surfaces
  • Polygloss; moisture curing aliphatic finishing coat. This is a high gloss one-pack moisture curing finishing coat, based on aliphatic polyurethane resins. Polygloss is a high quality esthetical and very durable finishing coat. Polygloss can be applied as top coat on top of MCU intermediate coats or primer coats. Moreover Polygloss is also applicable on top of 2K PU and epoxy systems
  • Polyguard; moisture curing polyurethane. This is a one-pack moisture curing polyurethane paint, pigmented with specific inert lamellar pigments and micaceous irons oxide. Polyguard is especially recommended for immersion circumstances (seawater, water or soil).
  • Polymicace; polyurethane with micaceous iron oxides. Due to the special lamellar structure of the pigmentation a very tight paint film is obtained with excellent water and corrosion resistance. The chemical inert pigmentation and the polyurethane binder provide a high chemical resistance. Polymicace can be applied as an intermediate and/or topcoat in one-pack polyurethane systems.
  • Polysilco; moisture curing aliphatic finishing coat. This is a one-pack moisture curing polyurethane paint which cures with the humidity in the air.
  • Polyzinc; This is a zinc rich one-pack polyurethane paint that reacts chemically with humidity in the air. The adherence on sandblasted surfaces is excellent and the elasticity is higher than those of classic two-pack zinc rich paints. Polyzinc still hardens at low temperatures and high air humidity. The product is used as primer in high qualitive anticorrosion systems. 

Advantages of moisture curing polyurethane

  • can be applied with up to 98% relative humidity; also in humid Singapore
  • can be applied by freezing or very warm temperatures (up to 40°C, measured on the surface, when the surface is dry)
  • very high resistance against acids, chemicals, oils, greases and alkaline products
  • easy to prepare and apply
  • less problems as no mixing errors can occur
  • very good adhesion on rusted pieces, old paints or moderately prepared metal surfaces
  • early stress resistance: a sudden change in climatic conditions will not affect the curing and the quality of the paint film
  • no pot life
  • long corrosion protection, even under extreme climatic of environmental conditions
  • can be part of a cathodic protection system
  • zinc rich primer can be applied as cold galvanisation
  • MCU coatings resist a constant temperature of 1220°C and peak temperatures up to 150°C

moisture curing polyurethane Singapore

MCU application areas

  • equatorial and tropical climates
  • maritime environment
  • bridges and locks
  • cranes
  • oil & gas
  • storage tanks
  • pipelines
  • offshore and port material
  • antennas
  • steel structures
  • cooling towers and other concrete structures
  • energy: electricity pylons, lifts, lampposts
  • Siberic weather

Moisture curing polyurethane producers Singapore

Libert Paints is one of the first producers in the world of this specific technology, millions of square meters of steel have already been protected with Libert Paints’ MCUs across the world for more than forty years. The company has a long tradition of intensive laboratory research. All their MCU products are developed in-house and tested before being delivered to the customer. Many tests are performed in-house with their own measuring equipment. Others are made by external laboratories such as SGS in Singapore, WTCB, CORI, Unifap.

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