optical coatings on a car mirror

Why optical coatings are useful

Optical coatings Singapore are those applied on optical components such as mirrors and lenses to alter the way in which the optic reflects and transmits light. An optical coating layer is usually very thin and invisible. Moreover, optical coatings can change the way the surface reacts on water. For example nano coatings repel water and so improve viewing conditions for example in cars during rain. Optical coating application are common on:

  • camera lenses
  • mirrors
  • eye- and sunglasses
  • car windows

Types of optical coatings

Optical coating is a general term for coatings which change light reflection and transmission on a surface. Optical coatings include:

optical coatings Singapore

  • Hydrophobic coatings repel water and their purpose is to keep for example car windows and wind shields free from water when it rains. This improves optical qualities of the window.
  • Hydrophilic coatings are the opposite of hydrophobic. Instead of repelling water, they attract it and allow forming of a thin, transparent water layer on windows. Sometimes it is a hydrophilic coating can guarantee better viewing conditions than a hydrophobic coating.
  • Anti reflective coatings decrease the reflection of light from the surface. These coatings are also suitable for car windows, mirrors and camera lenses.
  • Eye- and sun glasses are often treated with an anti glare coating which is similar to non reflective coating. However,  anti glare coating suppresses external sources of mirroring whereas anti reflective coating eliminates all sources of mirroring – both external and internal, thanks to a complicated technique of diffuse refraction.

Optical coatings Singapore

In Singapore, there are several producers and suppliers of different types of optical coatings. The two mentioned below are specialized in coating for lenses and mirrors. However, coatings which guarantees better viewing conditions are also applicable on windows and other glass surfaces

Precision Optical Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Address:18 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609966
Tel: +65 65159168

Opto Precision Pte. Ltd.
Address: #04-01, 11 Toh Guan Rd E, 608603
Tel: +65 6565 1110

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