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The decorative paint colour trends for 2018 are ‘bold’

It is coming up to the end of the year, and the big coating and paint companies have started announcing their “Colour of the Year 2018” picks. From the looks of the field so far, the trend for 2018 is ‘colour’. Bright bold shades dominate the list, with the pastel paint colour trends of past years completely forgot. Though we are yet to see all the decorative paint colour trends announcements, if what we know so far is anything to go by, 2018 is going to be vibrant.

Paint colour trends for 2018 are warm and vibrant.

PPG’s Black Flame is a subtle black with hints of indigo.

Where the paint colour trends come from

So, how do these companies decide on a colour anyway? The paint colour trends are not plucked from thin air. While New York fashion week may seem a million miles away from your bedroom in Singapore, the two are much closer than they seem. When choosing the palette for the coming year, coating and paint designers look at the choices consumers are making, but also the design trends from worlds outside paint.

What people like is informed by the world around them, and the coating and paint trendsetters take their inspiration from many different markets, including social, architectural, design, and cultural. The Benjamin Moore Colour of 2018 was informed by the proliferation of red and pink tones across the face of art, cultural events, fashion, television, design… It seemed to be everywhere.

Colour of the year 2018: The line-up

There are no “mushroom” tones among these stunners, the coming year is going to be striking and yet still also homey. Here are the list of the Colour of the Year 2018 predictions from some of the top coating and paint companies.

  • PPG – Black Flame: An “unprecedented, statement-making black with deep tones of indigo” to evoke feelings of privacy, hope and modernism.
  • Sherwin-Williams – Oceanside: A mix of rich blue with jewel-toned green, this complex colour “offers a sense of the familiar with a hint of the unknown”.
  • Benjamin Moore – Caliente: A warm tone of red with a hint of orange, this color is “hot, passionate, and sexy”.
  • BEHR – In The Moment: A cool, tranquil, spruce, designed to evoke a sense of sanctuary and relaxation.
  • AkzoNobel – Heart Wood: A contemporary, grown-up pink, designed to reassure and comfort, “the color representation of a ‘welcome home’”.
  • Jotun: Jotun have released a series of colour palettes for 2018. “City Motions” is full of blue-based shades inspired by modern cities, “Silent Serenity” is a mix of darker browns and creams based on open air and soft earth, and “Lush Garden” takes its cues from nature.

How to use the paint colour trends in Singapore

The colours of the year so far are either about sanctuary or statement. Transforming a room into a private refuge from the stresses of the modern world or into a bold open space ready to fill with life. For a space that invites a sense of home and peace, choose Black Flame or Heart Wood, or the Lush Garden palette from Jotun. These colours are designed to give a sense of “welcome home” and relaxation. If you want to make a statement (say in a living area or entryway, Benjamin Moore’s Caliente gives a strong and energetic charisma to a space, or Oceanside is a welcoming and lively boost to your room.

Though it may not be a colour, there is another trend that is changing the way we buy paint: sustainable coatings. As consumers become more environmentally- and health-conscious so too do the coating companies.Moving forward the trend for paint is warm, bold, and environmentally friendly.

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