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The world’s biggest coating company – PPG Industries

PPG Industries was founded in 1883 by Captain John B. Ford and John Ford in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally known as Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., the company expanded quickly and now, 135 years later, PPG Industries has 156 manufacturing facilities in 70 countries and 47,000 employees. In 2017, PPG made total net sales of SG$19.5 billion, and the company is ranked 182 on the Fortune 500. The key coating markets served by PPG Industries are aerospace coatings, architectural coatings, automotive coatings (OEM and refinish), PPG industrial coatings, packaging coatings, protective and marine coatings, and specialty coatings.

In this article we look at PPG Industries and the coating sectors served by its brands including Glidden, Sigma, and Deltron. We will also delve into the coatings themselves, and PPG Industries’ plans going forward.

PPG industrial coatings and decorative paint brands across 4 sectors

1. Automotive coatings for OEM and aftermarket

PPG is the global leader in automotive coatings. Two out of three cars made in North America and Europe today use PPG technology, and PPG is the supplier of choice for both OEM and body shops. With so much of the OEM market using PPG industrial coatings products it makes sense that PPG would also be a key provider for the automotive refinish and aftermarket.

When the body of the a vehicle hits the paint shop, it goes through a coating process that takes it from bare metal to clearcoat. The five main steps are pretreatment, electrocoat, primer, basecoat, and clearcoat. PPG has a range of coatings for each step, including 2K Scratch Resistant and Diamond Coat clearcoat options. PPG also produces a ‘Compact Paint System’ which allows for a reduction in VOC emissions, energy consumption, and costs. The B1:B2 system eliminates the primer coat, combining the primer layer’s protection properties with the topcoat’s colour.

For the refinish market PPG provides coatings for collision repair, total respray, and commercial vehicle coatings in brands such as Amercoat. Commercial vehicles require more heavy-duty coatings to deal with the longer hours and rougher conditions they meet on the road. Fleet refinishes are also catered for.

2. Protective and marine coatings by PPG

The PPG Industries’ protective and marine coatings business delivers products for marine, offshore, oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, chemical, and power sectors. These sectors require the hardest-working, most durable, and fit-for-purpose coatings on the market. From infrastructure in bridges, airports, and stadiums to offshore power, mining, and pipeline structures, these coatings protect substrates in the most demanding and corrosive conditions and environments. For example, PPG Hi-temp 900 provides corrosion protection in high temperatures – it is heat resistant over an extreme temperature range from 150°C to 500°C.

Product/BrandPPG SectorDescription
Amercoat 214Marine coatingA low-VOC ablative antifouling coating in red, black, or blue. Antifouling is achieved through the biocidal action of a high cuprous oxide content.
Amerlock 400/SigmaCover 400Protective coatingA two-component, high solids epoxy coating for primer or midcoat applications. Low-VOC and abrasion resistant.
Aquapon 35Protective coatingPolyamide epoxy gloss for heavy duty service in corrosive industrial atmospheres. For use on steel, galvanized steel, or aluminium, as well as masonry.
Sigmaglide 1290Marine coating100% pure silicone binder fouling release finish coat. Biocide-free, provides performance up to 90+ months, low slime pick-up and easy slime release, and environmentally friendly.

3. The PPG high performance and industrial coatings

PPG industrial coatings serve a wide range of industries including appliances, transportation, heavy duty equipment, furniture, and specialty UV coatings. The number and variety of substrates here is reflected in the wide array of PPG industrial coatings and brands. The technologies used in this sector include liquid paint, electrocoat, and powder coating in a variety of chemistries including alkyds, urethanes, epoxies, and acrylics.

The performance and industrial coatings sector also includes PPG’s coil coating or prepainted metal coating line. Coil coating is a continuous and automated process of pre-painting a sheet of metal (usually steel, galvanized steel, and aluminium) which goes from pretreatment to painting to curing at a rate of up to 200 metres per minute. These are used for storefronts, HVAC components, garage doors, and roofing.

In high-performance coatings PPG produces a line of satin industrial enamels under the brand name Pitt-tech which are designed for corrosion, chemical, and solvent resistance for direct-to-metal application. For epoxy flooring they have Megaseal, a range of epoxies with varying properties for any flooring needs.

Product PPG sectorDescription
AquacronGeneral finishes: electricalDurable, water-based primers and topcoats with ultra low-VOC content. For chemical and corrosion resistance.
DuranarCoil coatings/architecturalFluoropolymer coil coatings which provide chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability. Used for storefronts, roof panels, building panels, and more.
Envirocron HTEArchitectural and appliance coatingHigh transfer efficiency interior and exterior polyester powder coating line engineered for wire and complex metal surfaces. Available in a wide range of colours and glosses.
Selemix Aqua Line 8-552Heavy duty equipment coatingsA two-component waterborne gloss polyurethane enamel, suitable for steel surfaces. For industrial, construction, and agricultural equipment and machinery.

4. The PPG decorative paints

The decorative and architectural coatings market makes up over 40% of the global coatings market. In Singapore the decorative coatings account for 73%  of the total local coatings market value. PPG has a solid position in the market despite the presence of many international competitors. The great width and variety of their coatings portfolio has guaranteed that position.

Brands include PPG Paints, Olympic paints and stains, Glidden paints, Sico paints and stains, and Dulux paints (in Canada). Across these brands PPG can provide the latest technologies and broadest range of colours for interior and exterior paints. These brands provide products through company owned stores, home centres, and independent dealers for homeowners and professionals. Below is a sample of the products manufactured by PPG.

PPG BrandProductDescription
GliddenGlidden Premium Exterior Paint100% acrylic paint to protect exterior surfaces such as siding and eaves. For wood, stucco, concrete, hardboard, fibre cement board, aluminium, vinyl, and metal.
OlympicOlympic MAXIMUM Stain + Sealant in OneA durable, tinted waterproofing sealant to protect wood against water damage, UV rays, abrasion, and mildew. For decks, fences, siding, and wooden furniture.
PPG PaintsPainter’s Friend Eggshell Interior Latex Wall and Trim PaintProfessional quality interior, eggshell sheen, latex wall paint. For new or previously painted walls and ceilings in apartments, condominiums, and other commercial properties.

PPG Industries in Singapore

Singapore serves as an strategically important location for PPG Industries’ operations in Asia-Pacific. The company has tow locations in the country; one for application support and the other for administration:

  • PPG Coatings Singapore Pte Ltd. | Administration Protective and Marine Coatings
  • PPG Industries (Singapore) Pte Ltd. | Application Support Centre Aerospace Coatings

The Asia-Pacific headquarters of PPG Industries is located in Hong Kong.

A peek into the future plans of  PPG Industries

Going forward PPG Industries plans to continue its focus on quality, performance, innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. Their sustainability goals include 40% of sales from sustainable products and processes by 2020 and a 10% reduction in total waste disposal intensity by 2020 from a 2012 baseline. They are also busily producing greener products that are designed with their vision of sustainability in mind – heat-deflecting coatings for airplanes to reduce the need for air conditioning, buildings coated in material that absorbs pollution, foul release coatings that are biocide-free, drag-free wind turbine coating.

PPG industries logo

PPG Industries “We protect and beautify the world”

In 2016, PPG increased its investment in research and development, and 30% of net sales were from sustainable products. That investment into research is paying dividends; PPG produces about 80 patents a year to protect its discoveries. Scientist at PPG facilities across the world are working to produce coatings that are more sustainable, more durable, safer, lighter, more energy-efficient, and in ever increasing numbers of colours – despite already having a range of some 300,000 different colours. And for the homeowner or designer they have the online Voice of Colour tool, allowing renovators to visualise the PPG range in their own homes.

Summing the PPG brands – from Amercoat to Sikkens

The PPG Industries brand and product portfolio is wide and varied. Below is a list of the main market segments and coatings that PPG offers for each.

Automotive OEM and refinish coatings

  • Amercoat
  • Andaro
  • Aquacron
  • Ceramiclear
  • Delfleet
  • Delta
  • Deltron
  • Diamond Coat
  • Envirobase
  • Enviro-Prime
  • Optiprime
  • Spectrapearl

Protective and marine coatings

  • Amercoat
  • Amerlock
  • Aquapon
  • Dimetcote
  • Megaseal
  • Novaguard
  • Phenguard
  • Pittguard
  • Pitt-tech
  • PPG Hi-Temp
  • Sigmacover
  • Sigmadur
  • Sigmaglide
  • Sigmaguard
  • Sigmashield

Industrial coatings

  • Ceranoshield
  • Duranar
  • Enviracryl
  • Envirocron
  • Electrocolor
  • Flexacron
  • Raycron
  • Spectratron
  • Velvecron

Architectural coatings

  • Cil
  • Comex
  • Dulux (Canada)
  • Flood
  • Glidden
  • Olympic
  • PPG Paints
  • Sico
  • Sikkens

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