Singapore coating association

Singapore coating association

When you are active in the coating industry in Singapore there are multiple coating associations you have to work with or be aware of. At we created a small overview so you can see who these regulators are and what they do. If you miss any Singapore coating association on this list be sure to drop a message below or contact us though e-mail. In general you can say that Singapore has many supportive associations supporting the coatings and paint industry.

Singapore paint industry associations

Asian Paint Industry Council (APIC)

Asian Paint Industry Council (APIC) was founded in October 1995, to serve as a forum for open dialogue and exchange between the participating organisations on issue of common interest.
APIC is also a member of International Paint and Printing Ink Council, which is a global organisation working for international paint and printing industry. APIC meetings consists of reports from member associations, and updates of IPPIC activities. The topics includes local paint production update, environmental issues, chemical managements, special report from host associations, updates of IPPIC activities, etc.

Corrosion Association Singapore (CAS)

Corrosion Association Singapore (CAS), a registered society. CAS represents the corrosion prevention industry in Singapore and offers awareness,professional development and networking opportunities through accredited courses, technical dinner meetings, professional certification and involvement at industry conferences. CAS is a member of the International Corrosion Congress (ICC) and the World Corrosion Organization (WCO). Our individual members come from a diverse industry background including oil & gas, refinery, petrochemical, marine, coatings, manufacturing and academia.

corrosion association singapore

Association of Aerospace Industries (AAIS) Singapore

The Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore) or AAIS, is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2003, to promote the development of Singapore as a leading aerospace hub. AAIS represents companies involved in aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), manufacturing, parts distribution, research & development, training and education, and services. It serves as the voice of industry to influence future directions and policies, engenders the development of the aerospace community and facilitates business development.

Singapore Surface Finishing Society (SSFS)

The Singapore Metal Finishing Society (SMFS) was founded in November 1981 with the mission to promote the development of the local electroplating industry. It was renamed the Singapore Surface Finishing Society (SSFS) in 1992. In 1994, we included PCB manufacturing as an integral part of our activity and admitted PCB manufacturers as members.

Singapore Surface Engineering Association (SSEA)

In order reached out to more industries specializing in the surface engineering technology, the Society changed its name to the Singapore Surface Engineering Association (SSEA) in 2009. With this change, the Association had broaden its role to include members from the powder coating, vacuum coating, corrosion protection, recovery of metals and other similar coating sectors.

Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI)

The Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) is a non-profit trade association formed in 1968 to promote the interests of the marine industry in Singapore. ASMI represents a wide cross-section of the Singapore ship repair, shipbuilding and rig building industry. The major ship repair yards, rig builders and shipbuilders in Singapore as well as most of the established local and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of marine and offshore components, and major marine and offshore engineering companies are among its members. It also represents marine and offshore engineering contractors and companies whose activities are directly related to the industry including classification societies and marine consultants.

Singapore coating association

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