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Sustainability and Coatings

Sustainability in general refers to planet, people and profit. This means, thus, that sustainable products are eco-friendly, durable and its production takes place under fair employment conditions. In case of sustainable coatings these three aspects are also present. The coatings industry worldwide has been addressing the three pillars of sustainability and use of sustainable coatings Singapore for some years, and considerable progress has been made. Some of this improvement has been driven by legislation and some designed to address specific customer needs. There have also been examples of voluntary initiatives by companies with a strong environmental ethos.

Durability in the coatings industry

Durability is usually the first thing people think of when paints and coatings are mentioned. We paint various surfaces – wood, metal, steel and plastic – to protect them from weather conditions and to ensure the covered material will last. Therefore, sustainable coatings were invented.

We cover walls, bridges, buildings, factory halls, but also swimming pools, labs and everyday items with layers of coating. This way we:

  • reduce the need to replace products,
  • cut down waste and
  • lower demands on resources and needed material

sustainable coatings

Towards sustainable coatings Singapore

The coatings industry worldwide is addressing the three pillars of sustainability and use of sustainable coatings. This has been going on for some years already and considerable progress has been made. Firstly; legislation is driving some of these improvements. Additionally, specific customer needs shape the industry to more sustainable direction. Finally; there have also been examples of voluntary initiatives by companies with a strong environmental ethos.

Sustainable coating leaders

sustainable coatings

Nowadays, companies supplying the industry and coatings companies themselves are receiving recognition from independent third parties. For example AkzoNobel has been ranked as the leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the Superchemical sector in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Furthermore, Dow Chemical, also active in Singapore, has received the U.S. Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award for the development of pre-composition polymer technologies that can partially replace Titanium dioxide. Additionally, Becker Industries also received the Sustainable Innovation Award from the British Coatings Federation for its work on high solar reflectivity and emissivity coatings for use in the construction industry.

Formulation production improvements of sustainable coatings have been tracked in a measured way by adherents to Coatings Care®.2 Reductions in injuries, energy consumption, solvent usage, volatile emissions, and waste and shipments to landfills have been confirmed over the past 15 years. The industry has met the demands of an increasingly regulatory environment by reducing VOC content in formulations and, in Europe, observing the regimen of REACH and specific country regulations, such as those in France.

Sustainable coatings | protection for many years

Thanks to new technologies, research and the production of sophisticated coatings surfaces can be protected for many years, reducing the need to apply new layers of paint. Eventually we might even create a coating or paint that will never need a new layer. Endless durability of surfaces will become a reality. Also read how the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint.

Purpose, structure and production of sustainable coatings

New integral processes ensure durability in the production of paints and coatings. Suppliers call the following three factors the most important during production:

  • purpose – for what purpose is the coating being produced? (recycling is getting more important)
  • and the structure of paint or coating (the use of chemicals from non-renewable resources)
  • production process (efficacy, meeting rules and regulations, lowering impact on the environment)

Examples of innovative and durable coatings

  • nano coatings;
  • hydrophobic coatings;
  • products of heavy duty protection;
  • anti-corrosive coatings;
  • durable walls and roof coatings;
  • anti-graffiti coatings;
  • bio-based coatings (coatings made of bio materials, majority of paints and coatings should be made of bio-materials by 2030).

sustainable coatings

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