a screw coated with titanium nitride coating

Ceramic Titanium Nitride Coating takes tools and equipment to the next level

The golden-looking layer of coating on drill bits, medical equipment and suspension forks of motorcycles results from a protective titanium nitride coating, also known as TiN coating. It is a hard ceramic material which is applied in physical vapour deposition, making it a PVD coating. The titanium nitride coatings are applicable on most metals, most often stainless steel, some plastics and ceramic surfaces to enhance and improve surface properties of objects such as tools, components and fasteners. Therefore, the most common applications of titanium nitride coating are found in industries that deal with metals – tool manufacturers, machine building engineers and producers of medical equipment are all users of TiN coating.

10 reasons that make TiN coating a good choice

Titanium nitride coating is at its best when applied on aluminium or steel surfaces which are exposed to high levels of abrasion and wear. TiN coating saves you maintenance costs and increases general efficiency – it comes with many beneficial properties, here are 10 of them.

1. Hard (3 times harder than chrome)

2. Well adhering, forms a molecular bond with the substrate

3. Applicable on wide range of substrates

4. Available in wide range of thicknesses

5. Uniform finish which follows surface structure

6. Resistant to most chemicals

7.Lubricating and wear resistant

8. FDA compliant and non-toxic

9. Temperature resistance up to 600°C

10. Conductive and non-corrosive

Uses of titanium nitride coatings across sectors

As titanium nitride coating has many benefits and a unique combination of properties, it is an attractive solution for many applications. It is used because of its golden appearance, its durability, conductivity and corrosion resistance for example in the following industries.

  • Consumer goods – Titanium nitride coating can be recognized by its very distinctive golden colour which makes it an attractive finish for jewelry and automotive trim. Its properties in turn make it a perfect solution for vehicle suspension forks and shock shafts of radio controlled cars.

    drills with titanium nitride coating

    Titanium Nitride Coating is a durable coating for drills and other tools.

  • Medical equipment – As Tin is non-toxic and meets FDA requirements, it is applicable on medical equipment such as scalpel blades and bone saws which require edge sharpness at all times.  Titanium nitride coating is also suitable for use on implants.
  • Microelectronics – TiN coating is highly conductive and can be applied in thin layers making it ideal for applications in microelectronics where they serve as the connecting material between the device and the metal used to operate the circuit while being a diffusion barrier between the metal and silicone.
  • Aerospace and military applications – TiN coating protects sliding surfaces in many industries but is especially common in aerospace and military applications due to the long lasting
  • Bioelectronics – Due to the high stability of TiN coatings, they are suitable for use in bioelectronic applications such as intelligent implants and biosensors due to their resistance to corrosion caused by body fluids.
  • Metal tools and equipment – the most common applications of titanium nitride coating take place in the metal processing industry when tools, equipment and machinery components are protected from abrasion and wear.

Titanium nitride coating process and services in Singapore

Being a PVD coating, titanium nitride coating process is complex and requires professional equipment meaning that tiatnium nitride coating DIY is not possible. Physical vapour deposition refers to a coating method where the coating is applied by letting it go from a condensed phase to a vapour phase and then back to a condensed phase. During the transfer from vapour to condensed phase the titanium nitride settles as a thin film coating onto the object.

Industrial TiN coating application by professionals

Titanium nitride coating is predominantly an industrial coating application carried out by professionals. If applying TiN coating is not a standard part of production, it may be wise to outsource the application to a specialist. This means that you do not need to invest in the application equipment, nor need you hire specialists or train your employees to the application.

In Singapore there are several companies that specialise in PVD coatings and apply titanium nitride coating as one of the services. One of these companies is Oerlikon Balzers Coating Singapore Pte Ltd located in Kian Teck Drive. For further information on industrial titanium nitride coating applications and company details, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you find the best coating option for your products.

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